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We help you navigate the challenge of preparing for a public service job interview with practice questions, tips from successful graduates and useful resources.

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Learn about careers in the energy and utilities industry: what’s involved, key players, salaries, where people work as well as the pros and cons of the sector.

Graduate Advice

Want to break into the energy industry? Check out our tips for grads: what to study, how to get work experience and where to start your career.


Graduate Stories

Santos Graduate Profile Image- Mattilda
Mattilda Sheridan studied a Bachelor of Science (double major Geology) and a Master of Science (Geology).
Airservices Australia Graduate Profile Image- Edwin
Airservices Australia
Edwin studied a Bachelor of Multimedia (Media Studies) at Swinburne University in 2005.
 Madelaine Barry WorkSafe Victoria Graduate
WorkSafe Victoria
Madelaine studied Bachelor of Arts at RMIT University