We are welcoming registrations from university engineering students who are interested in our future Summer Student Programs which run from December to February each year, and from which our graduates are chosen.

Cochlear – The Global Leader

Cochlear pioneered and is the global leader in the research and development, manufacture and marketing of implantable hearing solutions.  Our global headquarters and manufacturing centre is based in Sydney, Australia. Today Cochlear has a 70% share of the global market, employs more than 2,700 people worldwide, operates directly in over 20 countries and sells in over 100 countries.  Over 350,000 people across more than 100 countries now experience hearing as a recipient of a Cochlear hearing solution.

Technological innovation remains a key driver, with each generation of cochlear implant system providing increased benefits to recipients and the healthcare workers supporting them. Cochlear designs, develops and manufactures a range of products to suit all ages and lifestyles, with industry leading reliability and a lifetime commitment of ongoing support. We invest heavily in research and development to stay at the forefront of our industry and to support growth plans. In 2007, we invested 11% of our revenue in research and development.

Introduction to the Summer Student Program

The Cochlear Summer Student Program provides an exciting opportunity to experience life with an ASX100 company. It will give you a real taste of the world of work, giving you an opportunity to put into practice your academic learning. This is a unique opportunity to see our business first hand and work alongside world leading experts.

Our Summer Student Program offers Engineering placements in Sydney & Brisbane within the following disciplines:

  • Electronic/Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical/Mechatronics Engineering
  • Material Science
  • Software Engineering
  • Manufacturing – Production / Process / New Product Introduction

What the Program offers

In return for your energy, skills and enthusiasm we will give you an action packed experience with an opportunity to stretch and challenge yourself along the way.

  • Financial Support: A pro-rata salary paid to you for the summer placement duration
  • Working at our global headquarters in Macquarie or our Brisbane operations
  • A variety of challenges that will push you to your limits
  • Experience some of the same learning and development that our acclaimed Graduate Program offers
  • Placement objectives being set in your first week to give a sense of clear direction
  • An innovative culture with access to world leading experts
  • A great place in which to work with a strong culture of collaboration
  • An opportunity to apply for the Graduate Programme

Cochlear Graduate Program

At the end of your Summer placement we meet with your line manager to review your performance and complete an end of placement review. You are then eligible to apply for a place on our world class professional graduate development program, an 18 month intensive initiative that is currently being designed and tailored, specifically for graduates. Our graduate program includes essentials such as: Leadership Development, Technical Training & Experience, Coaching & Mentoring, and Development Opportunities (eg rotations throughout the business). The goal is to take you from a fresh graduate to an industry leading professional by the end of the program.

Eligibility Rules

Each year the eligibility criteria for the Summer student are:

  • You are in your penultimate year of studies
  • You can commence full time permanent employment in the year following graduation
  • A permanent resident or citizen of Australia
  • Able to commute daily to our offices in either Sydney or Brisbane

Interested in our future Summer Programs? If you are currently a 1st or 2nd year student and would like to receive an email notification about future intakes, you can still register today and our system will make a note of your graduation year.

How to apply when the time comes?

Applications are managed through our online HR system. All applications will be assessed after the application closing date for that year, so you can apply anytime once the applications have opened (usually around May). You will be emailed notifications on the status of your application but due to high volumes, we are unable to accept telephone calls and ask applicants to adhere to this policy.

When completing the application form, we recommend that you take some time to consider how you answer all the questions, as we use the quality of all your answers to make a decision whether to invite you to the interviews rounds.

Please note: This registration process does not constitute an official application for the Cochlear Summer Student program. You will still need to complete an official application in the relevant year that you are eligible.