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Training & Personal Development at Accenture Australia and New Zealand

8.2 rating for Training, based on 52 reviews
Please describe the training programmes at your company and tell us what skills you've picked up.
While waiting for a project you complete training. There is a wide library of training available with courses for every skill level. I found the technology introduction courses extremely beneficial and actually quite engaging.
Graduate, Adelaide
In my first month at Accenture, following the completion of the orientation, I found the TQ Modules to be very informative and useful in providing a succinct description of the facets of technology that are used and/or incorporated universally throughout Accenture and the work that it does. After joining the Workday Practice, I drew upon those TQ topics (especially those on Enterprise Platforms and Cloud) to drill down into the functionality of the esteemed Workday Enterprise Platform, and I found the pre-training, courses, required ODEs and the optional learning materials for the core HCM Certification to be very beneficial in developing my skills in this area. By providing accessible content for beginners, this training allows for the appropriate scaling and difficulty progression so as to always make the user feel like they are at the corresponding level of understanding needed to comprehend the material. I have found that my experience with Workday and the HCM Certification in particular has truly elevated my understanding of the foundational nature of this Enterprise Platform. I now feel that I have gained much knowledge with respect to core operations such as the configuration of important business processes, construction of organizational hierarchies, management of assigned roles, creation of job profiles and hiring restrictions, and the formulation of business process definitions (to name but a few).
Graduate, Melbourne
Many opportunities for us to take... but good luck trying to find the time to do them.
Graduate, Melbourne
Orientation and essential training is engaging and helpful. Lots of resources to upskill in any area.
Graduate, Sydney
There have been very few training elements that are formal. Informal trainings have allowed me to grow very rapidly and give me a solid foundation for other projects within the same client business.
Graduate, Auckland
Cloud computing
Intern, Adelaide
Lots of informal training, some opportunities for formal training but it is hard to get unless related directly to your project
Graduate, Adelaide
Software training
Graduate, adelaide
Formal training: Coding bootcamp for IDE used in project. Informal training: Taking down meeting minutes, learning Excel skills, communication skills
Graduate, Adelaide
frequent workshops held to upskill on various topics
Graduate, Perth
TQ training: engaging videos and quizzes to test retention. I found it a really great learning atmosphere and informative! On the job training, I was lucky to have mentoring meetings to learn about the staffing process which was really interesting and by having someone with me to go through step by step, really helped me learn.
Graduate, Sydney
Internal learning site for both technical and soft skills with pathways to certifications, which are paid for with approval.
Graduate, Canberra
Onboarding training is not practical.
Graduate, Wellington
The company provides free vouchers for certifications. I completed my AWS cloud practitioner with their free voucher. They also provide free access to other sites also like cloud guru, Microsoft Azure n so on.
Graduate, Melbourne
Induction training was boring and repetitive. On the job training was interesting
Graduate, Sydney
Within my team, and a larger team that I am a member of we are taking part in gaining certifications which is really good. I've also done a lot of informal on the job training.
Intern, Sydney
Formal week long training was held at the beginning of the internship but no further training has occurred since then.
Intern, Brisbane
Cloud training and on the job training.
Graduate, Brisbane
They will pay for your training that you want
Graduate, Perth
Training through Accenture's MyLearning platform is flawless with a large number of topics and opportunities to learn. However, the organization of this learning does make it harder to find the right courses by yourself.
Graduate, Canberra