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Culture at Accenture Australia

8 rating for Culture, based on 57 reviews
Please describe your company's culture both in the office and after hours. Let us know about the structure and hierarchy, cooperation and teamwork, and socialising amongst colleagues.
I love that there is a flat structure, everyone is extremely approachable, regardless of their position. The team is very friendly and inclusive, and always willing to give a helping hand.
Long hours sometimes, but good work culture and great people
The culture of the company is very friendly and engaging. It is all about networking and knowing people, the social events are a really good opportunity to network and know people. The company is structured really well and the senior people are really friendly and helpful. Everyone is working as a team in Accenture, and I find it is really easy to work in that way.
Positive company culture. Accenture are very good with flexible working hours and working from home. Everyone within the company tends to be like-minded and great to work with. Quite an active social culture after company hours, which can be positive or negative depending on your personality type.
In terms of workplace culture and after hours, it has a hierarchy in terms of the different roles and responsibilities but when it comes to work, people work as one team to deliver things.
I have enjoyed the teams I have worked with colleagues both above and below are all great people.
Socially a very flat hierarchy (not the case regarding pay) Great people
The company culture is all about networking. There a many opportunities outside of work to socialise with colleagues - not as many during working hours. The company structure is so big and complicated it is difficult to understand the hierarchy - generally.
So far, the culture has been great. Everyone is really lovely, and really encourages you to get involved. For someone who is a little more introverted, this can be hard to reconcile, but everyone is very welcoming, both at work and after hours.
The work culture at my company is brilliant
I think that depends on the operating group you are in. My personal experience in terms of socialising has been popular. There were graduate events organised, as well as events to know your team. However, due to the nature of the work, sometimes it is hard to meet the entire team all in one go at any given time. During hours, there is a tendency to stay at your desk. There aren't that many initiatives to bring the team together e.g. lunch time sports. Further, I think quantity is valued over quality i.e. quantity of time spent on something over the quality. While there is a vertical hierarchy, the company is quite flat in structure and senior management is accessible.
With any large firm, culture can change between offices and teams.
So far it's quite good. It is very male dominated, but they're working very hard to change this. I believe it wasn't always good, but they're working to improve it.
Outside office hours there is a lot of organised social activities, which helps with the vibe of the place
Social, collaborative, work/life balance, training, opportunities and large responsibilities.
Very social and fun
Everyone is really happy to meet and answer any questions. There are a heap of networking activities and social clubs.
Accenture staff are great to work with, both inside and outside of the office. They have lunch together and are always laughing, and they frequently go out on Fridays together for a few (too many) drinks.
Socialising is heavily emphasised, and within my functional department (products) there are informal drinks every second week so I can get to know my colleagues. Socialising after work is very important, and the culture is very welcoming to attend these events.
The culture is generally good with attempts to reinforce positive messages and expectations however this is not always the case. Good social events also help the culture. My project has a strong stance on discouraging out of hours work where it is not needed and promoting healthy work life balance.