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Corporate Social Responsibility at AECOM

8.2 rating for Corporate Social Responsibility, based on 57 reviews
What projects/initiatives does your employer run and what have you worked on personally?
CSR initiatives include sponsorship of Engineers without borders, Smith Family, plus matching employee donations to disaster relief appeals, Movember etc. They organise shuttles to red cross blood donation and facilitate pre-tax charity donations
Pro-Bono services; secondment of staff to charitable organisations; matching staff donations on charity drives;1 day volunteer leave for all staff; etc.
Very focussed on safety. Also focussed on the impact we can make to surrounding communities and how we can make a positive impact. As I am still a new employee, I have not yet had any personal experience.
Lots of volunteering opportunities.
Various projects directed at giving time or skills to assist others
Charity fundraisers, pollinate energy sponsorship, etc.
CSR committee runs a GIVE BACK program where you can make regular donations which the company will match. Big fundraiser events run throughout the year.
The company supports several good CSR initiatives including Pollinate Energy, Construction, and some pro-bono consulting projects.
Monthly CSR events
The company has recently launched a program emphasising the importance of CSR. There has been several initiatives that help bring awareness.
There are give back programs, and they don't try to impede other CSR initiatives like Engineers Without Borders if it doesn't conflict with any business requirements. However, the various activities are disjointed, and there is poor communication of what occurs. This is something that is recognised by people at the working level, although how high up in the seniority it goes is unclear.
Fundraising like movember and world toilet day.
promote volunteer work, provide paid 'volunteer leave', match employee donations to select foundations
AECOM is always running collections for charity and coming up with incentives to raise money for causes. I contributed to a clothes collection for homeless women.
Company offers one paid day a year to do volunteer work. Also offers opportunities for volunteer work. Runs events to earn money for charity.
AECOM's CSR plan is developed by the employees in each office and differs between locations - in this way the CSR activities reflect the workforce and their interests within that office and support local charities and organisations