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Application Process & Interviews at AECOM

8.2 rating for Recruitment, based on 57 reviews
Please describe the interview process and assessments.
I was transferred from overseas offices, so hasn't gone through the proper interview process. I haven't heard any bad feedback from colleagues / friends being interviewed. So I supposed it is good.
Quite process focussed - which is to be expected at an organisation of this scale but it slowed things down
Very professional but not unnecessarily bureaucratic
Interview with senior managers in the business
Online Test Phone Interview Assessment Centre Final Interview
The interview process consisted of video interview and face to face interview. The video interview involved a series of questions regarding leadership, time management etc. Whilst the face to face interview is tested if you know your industry
Upload application, questions answered, online interview process where 2 questions were asked, a quick phone interview with HR, then face to face (skype for me) interview, then i was hired!
Length process. Interview was great, low pressure and welcoming.
Online application, aptitude testing, phone screen, assessment centre, face to face
Phone interview with HR personnel, online assessments, assessment centre with team leader, final meeting with boss with job offer and discussion of expectations for the job role.
When I applied, there were over 600 applicants for 4 roles. I had worked with someone at the company previously and was brought on to work on a specific project which was above the experience level of most grads. I got asked about my interest in the role on a Thursday, had a phone interview on Friday and a video conference interview the following Monday. Then I was offered the job on Thursday. Total turnaround time of 1 week.
Online questions, Gamefied online testing, Group Assessment Centre, Final Interview
Applied via a job posting online, received an email to organize interview, interview was over the phone, offered the job
Online application and testing Phone Interview Assessment Centre Verbal Offer and Contract
Online game, 2 phone interviews, 2 in-person interviews
Quick and concise
Had a phone interview and face to face interview. I had previously networked with leaders within the organisation.
Resume submission - phone interview - face to face interview
It was quite lengthy and took a lot of patience in between process and stages.
Similar to other organisations
What questions were you asked in your interviews?
Mostly about experience of projects and software that I can use
Relatively casual - mainly to test fit and alignment of business and personal goals
Behavioural questions, tell us about a time you worked in a team to solve a problem etc. Some technical questions about what I had learnt at uni, and some general questions about how I would describe myself and my interests.
What is my passion, why do I want to work here, how would AECOM support me in my career
I was asked questions about my goals and the direction I would like to take in my career.
1. AECOM projects, and how I can contribute 2. Scenarios such as 'handling conflict of interest and keeping all stakeholders happy" 3. How will you go about improving and securing water supply
What subjects i liked at uni, what are my strengths/weaknesses. etc. can't remember any more.
Basic characteristic and personality questions and some problem solving. No technical questions.
Relevant experience.
Previous experience, past education, had to go group tasks in assessment centre
I was asked about my technical and professional experience. The technical questions were just an opportunity to talk about what experience I had in what areas, ie "Have you had any experience with xx? Tell us about it". The professional questions seemed more aimed at figuring out whether I fit in with the vision for the team, i.e. what roles and opportunities did I want to pursue, what my short and long term goals are, describe a situation where you had to resolve conflict with someone, etc.
What work experience I had obtained, what are my discipline interests.
Situational questions about teamwork and problem solving, questions about my final year thesis topic and previous work experience
Favourite subjects Why interested in the field Case study scenarios
What are you passionate about? Why do you want to join our organisation? What are your ambitions? Tell me about a time when you experienced a challenge.
Questions around how I: manage my time, implement safety awareness, juggle multiple tasks as well as questions about what I know about the business
Why do you want to work for AECOM? What motivates you? What sort of projects interest you?
Varied, from employee expectations, previous experience, through to 'how would you design a tower out of these pieces of spaghetti?' and 'if I represent the city of Sydney wanting to redevelop a landfill site, what questions would you ask of me to formulate your bid for acquiring that work as a designer?'
Why I was interested in the industry, what were my career aims, what management style did I like.
What my previous experience was. Where I would like to work in their team. What did I want to get out of the role. What my professional interests were.
Do you have any specific tips and advice for candidates applying to your company? How would you recommend they best prepare?
Be open to learn things even though you trained in something else. you never know what doors may open
Be honest with what you know and what interests you
Be yourself and demonstrate how your interests are aligned with the Company Values.
Work on being well rounded, team player.
Be passionate about your career and show this to potential employers. Have an idea of the direction you would like to take. Be confident.
Know the area(s) you are applying too
Read up on the company and the industry you are applying for. Find a way to stand out and be different from everyone else but always remember to be authentic.
Start early. Be involved in activities outside studies.
Be yourself, let your personality shine and back that up with any related experience. Do some research and understand what your role entails.
Make sure to work to get some experience, doesn't matter what industry - employers look for mature graduates. Modesty helps.
Number one rule is to always be honest, people will always find out if you are lying. AECOM is a technical consulting company, if applying as an engineer, you should have strong technical ability in order to succeed.
Speak with professionals who work in the industry and get to know the type of work that is typically undertaken.
Read up about the company, understand what type of work and opportunities are available to you through AECOM and gain and understanding of what type of projects you may be interested in, speak confidently
Say you're willing to relocated/ be seconded
Be ready to talk in detail about your previous experience, challenges you faced, and how you approached them.
Do your research. Know the company. Network before you apply.
Research the company and know some of their projects
Be honest and genuine about what you like and dislike.
Research the company and understand the projects that they work on.
Appreciate the big picture, and how your skillset fits into that. As a grad, they are interested in both what value you can bring on day 1, but more importantly what your aspirations are for the longer future and whether that meshes with their own.