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Working Hours at AECOM

7.7 rating for Working Hours, based on 57 reviews
How flexible is your company when it comes to hours?
Hours are flexible, if you need to leave early one day you can make up the time another.
AECOM offers a great degree of flexibility relating to work hours. Historically I have probably worked longer hours than I needed to in hindsight.
45 to 50 hours per week. reasonable
Sometimes I would work more than 15hrs a day when work required; sometimes I could take days off to look after my sick kids. I can also work from home if I needed to.
Work a flexible 4 day week with the option to work a fifth day when it gets busy and suits my family commitments
I probably work close to 50 hours a week, which is more than most other employees. My additional effort is thanked and rewarded. AECOM has a strong focus on providing flexible working arrangements, eg no set start or finish times, ability to work from home
Working hours are flexible. Interesting question to ask about hours spent 'in' the office. A large amount of work time is now spent outside office hours via smartphones.
Flexibility is the new norm. Working in project offices is different where long hours are the norm.
Flexible work hours, but the dedicated team has high expectations
Typical work hours are 40 hours a week. The company is very flexible and allows its employees to work at a time that suits them and their lifestyle
There are times where I have been overloaded with projects and sometime I find myself light on work.
There's no set hours that i need to be in the office, so long as it works for everyone. Currently working 8 till 530 with an hour lunch and a few breaks.
Can be demanding depending the project
Very flexible. I work however many hours it takes to get the job done well.
Contract for 40 hours - I believe it should be 38 hours. Usually end up working more than 42 hours a week. Due to the work culture, I generally feel guilty when leaving on time. Flexible working and working remotely is a big plus.
AECOM promotes flexible working hours and the ability to work from home. However it is expected that people will put in longer hours where it is needed. I have spent the last year working 60+ hour weeks on a site project. Most of my team spends 50+ hour weeks in the office because we are so busy.
Flexibility is developing at a rapid pace. Work hours generally 9 - 10 hours per day.
Flexible with hours. 40 hour week + reasonable amount of overtime
40 hours, no extra has really been required so far
40 hour weeks with flexible hours