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Job Satisfaction at Allens

9.4 rating for Job Satisfaction, based on 14 reviews
Please comment on your role and day-to-day responsibilities.
Drafting documents, liaising with clients and other lawyers.
As a graduate I am involved in a large range of activities including a lot of drafting of advices, statements, letters and contracts, as well as legal research, business development, and witness preparation. Every day is different, but most days include some form of training, drafting and/or research task.
my role can change depending on what's on, but typically it would involve receiving work from another member of the litigation team and assisting where necessary.
I am given a great balance between autonomy and support in my work. I get to try and learn many new things.
My role involves lots of drafting, as well as reviewing and researching on a range of matters and variety of clients. I work directly with partners and senior associates across the team.
The tasks I have completed during my time as a graduate have been quite varied and never boring.
I am a grad in the MAC team. I assist with the passive of major transactions and doing the groundwork for a lot of matters. On some matters I'm also the contact point for the client and other teams internally to project manage the transaction
I am given meaningful work to complete, which varies from day to day. I have direct contact with clients and get to participate in meetings and telephone calls with clients. I have been assigned two clients. I am their first point of call in the firm and manage any work they ask of us. I get to do a lot of pro bono work for a number of charities and creative artists.
In my team as a junior I work on: - drafting contracts, this includes attending negotiations, developing drafts, executing changes requested by the client/other side/banks; - contract advice (advising clients on what they can/can't do according to contracts to which they are party); - business development (helping with the creation of pitches for future work); - reviewing contracts and drafting due diligence reports.
Varies but consistently interesting work.