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Training & Personal Development at Allens

9.5 rating for Training, based on 13 reviews
Please describe the training programmes at your company and tell us what skills you've picked up.
We receive weekly top quality training from experts across a broad spectrum of areas of law, as well as technical training within the practice group.
I have training at least three times each week and I feel like I have learnt so much in my time here.
Weekly lectures provide basic knowledge across all practice areas, PLT is paid for and provided in-house and on the job training is excellent.
Cornerstone - weekly training with a Senior Associate usually on different topics. Depending on which area of law you are in there are also fortnightly training sessions to introduce you to that industry and the work.
Allens put us through the ANU GDLP program which is great, we also have weekly 'cornerstone' training sessions to expand our skill set.
Graduates undertake two weeks of training when they start. We have weekly graduate training for the first year of our employment. In addition, I get weekly training sessions that are specific to my practice group. These training sessions focus on different areas of the law dealt with by the firm, and are taught by senior practitioners in each field. Allens also arranges for graduates to participate in an accelerated Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice course, which is paid for by the firm.
Training programs are really good and provide good base knowledge of a number of areas
The training is extensive, constant and of a very high standard. They take training and mentoring juniors very seriously.
Cornerstone training sessions and Junior practice area specific training sessions by leading lawyers at the firm. Effective and helpful.