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  • 100 - 500 employees

About Bikroy

  • Retail, Sales & Consumer Goods
  • Technology

What it does: Biroy.com is an e-commerce website in Bangladesh with more than 50 product categories.

Best known for: Bikroy claims to be the largest online marketplace in the country.

Staff stats: More than 200 employees at six offices in major cities.

The good bits: Bikroy supports women empowerment by participating in UN Women and the UN Global Compact’s Women's Empowerment Principles (WEP) initiative. The group also provides women with a platform to share their job-related concerns through the ‘Moner Janala’ platform.

The not so good bits: The company has limited information about compensation and benefits. Bikroy also seems to have few entry-level job opportunities.

Hiring grads with top marks in: Business Administration; Communications; Engineering and Information Technology; E-Commerce; Finance; Human Resources; Marketing and Sales; Supply Chain Management.

The Bikroy.com story

Bikroy.com started as a bilingual classified advertisements website available in Bangla and English in 2012. The name means ‘sell’ in Bangla. They have grown into a diverse online marketplace with mobiles, electronics, vehicles, property, and jobs among its most lucrative product categories. The group’s other market segments include fashion, health and beauty items; pets and animals; education; business and industry; services; food and agriculture; home and living; and hobbies and sports.

In 2013, the group ranked as the website with the fourth-highest number of searches on Google. Bikroy partnered with mobile phone operator Robi to provide sponsored data for its subscribers. The partnership allowed users to browse the website for free. Two years later, Bikroy launched its first pre-order and delivery services for selling Qurbani livestock for Eid-ul-Adha.

Its parent company, Saltside Technologies, also operates the biggest e-commerce sites in Ghana and Sri Lanka. Saltside is a Swedish technology company backed with US$65 million in funding. The company has focused on West Africa and South Asia for its online marketplace operations, including Tonaton.com in Ghana, Efritin.com in Nigeria and Ikman.lk in Sri Lanka.

The recruitment process

Interested applicants should visit Bikroy’s website to check the latest job vacancies and submit their CVs. Bikroy occasionally visits schools and universities to recruit student, as well as career fairs such as the Dhaka University Career Fest in 2018. The group also holds job fairs for on-campus recruitment.

Career prospects

The group encourages fresh graduates to apply for positions such as junior executives, despite requiring at least one year of experience in sales. Those who have a BBA or an MBA Major in Marketing will have an advantage. Senior executives must have at least four years of experience to be considered for the role. 


Senior executive and corporate team leaders at Bikroy earn an average of BDT 120,000 to BDT170,000 per year. Online marketing specialists earn a median annual salary of BDT 90,000 to BDT 130,000. Recent graduates with no prior work experience should expect to earn less than these average salaries.

The organisation also provides 16 weeks of paid maternity leave for employees. There are several training programmes for online software applications and enhancing sales tactics. Bikroy also rewards the best employee and team every month with financial incentives. Top employees and teams for the first and second half of each year also receive the same benefit.

The culture

Bikroy has a casual work environment with several activities ranging from team-building events to monthly birthday celebrations for employees. Bikroy takes care to address sexual harassment issues particularly those involving women. Third-party female mentors are invited to the Moner Janala event every quarter to share their difficult work experiences and the corresponding lessons.

The organisation also uses a ‘70-20-10 Model for Learning and Development’ projects: 70 per cent involves experience-based learning, 20 per cent through relationships and 10 per cent through education.

The competition

Bikroy’s rivals in the e-commerce industry include Lamudi, ClickBD and ApnarDeal.

Social contributions

In 2016, the organisation joined the list of WEP signatories and subsequently increased the percentage of female employees to 33 per cent from 26 per cent. Bikroy aimed to have a 60/40 ratio of male to female employees by the end of the same year, following its participation in the HeForShe campaign. Female employees also benefit from late-night transportation assistance for their safety, and Bikroy offered mandatory workplace training on gender sensitivity and equality as part of the campaign. 

Bikroy also invested BDT 50,000 towards its Game Changer programme in 2018. The inter-university competition allowed undergraduate business students to present their innovative solutions to e-commerce business problems. The champion and first runner-up teams won BDT 30,000 and BDT 20,000, respectively.


The Police Bureau of Investigation said that criminals use Bikroy as a place to sell stolen items. Criminals have capitalised on the online marketplace’s lack of policies against trading stolen goods, according to the police.

The vibe of the place

Male and female applicants for vacancies appear to have equal chances of being hired at Bikroy. Not much is known about the organisation’s salary structure and compensation, which could impede your chances of negotiating a favourable monthly pay. The company, however, observes a casual work environment that will be a good fit for graduates who prefer a non-traditional office setting. The chances of being promoted are also quite high, given the small size of Bikroy’s workforce.


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