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Commonwealth Bank

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Corporate Social Responsibility at Commonwealth Bank

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What projects/initiatives does your employer run and what have you worked on personally?
Bake sales, food drives, AusHarvest, etc.
Graduate, Sydney
Projects are often focused on improving customer financial wellbeing or being more efficient with our resources. I believe that the company could move to more sustainable investments faster.
Graduate, Sydney
Charity donations
Graduate, Sydney
Worked on projects involving bush fire crisis
Graduate, Sydney
Recently a lot of work with bushfire victims. Cancer charity events are run. Clown doctors for children.
Graduate, Sydney
I have personally worked on: * Girls in Tech - Focused on helping girls enter technology roles. * ABCN - Encouraging high schoolers to consider technology
Midlevel, Sydney
There are several initiatives such as the domestic violence help scheme for customers where victims of DV are given a loan, a new phone and groceries to help them escape dangerous situations. My project has a strong focus on customer requirements and needs. Particularly I've been working on making the page more accessible for people with disabilities related to sight and users of screenreaders.
Graduate, Sydney
I see the company as a whole working towards it values of improving the well being of its people and customers. The only area I think we could have done better was during the bush fires and donating / doing more
Graduate, Sydney
Green home loan is one of the initiatives that our company provides to its customers
Graduate, Sydney