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Commonwealth Bank

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Management at Commonwealth Bank

8.1 rating for Management, based on 50 reviews
How accessible are managers and do they make good mentors? You may want to address internal communication, performance feedback or praise and recognition.
Managers do the right thing in most cases but it's always going to differ as its person-to-person relationship. I've seen some really good leaders and some mediocre ones. More so the former than the latter.
Managers vary, but most are good. My managers are great. There are a lot of layers though so sometimes your manager has no power and needs to get things communicated up the chain, which can be painful.
Very accessible and a lot of reward and recognition programs such as Legends of CAN
They're mostly good. 55k employees so experience will vary.
It depends on the manager. It is a large company so some are great and others are terrible.
Very accessible and always keen to push grads further and find them opportunities.
Easily accessible, providing good feedback. This varies between managers.
Managers are accessible and aim to make regular informal meetings with you to discuss your aspirations and development.
Always feel comfortable messaging managers directly, and managers are willing to spend with you when you do. Some managers are better people leaders than mentors (and vice versa), so sometimes it is helpful to seek support elsewhere also.
I have a great team of leaders and managers and mentors who completely support me and my career.
accessible but sometimes there lacks proper communication downwards
Across the bank, there are definitely pockets of great managers. Can't speak for all, but so far I have had a good run. I currently have a mentor, of Exec Manager level, I met via drinks on a Friday. She is fantastic and we meet every 6 weeks!
Dependant on the area you work in.
Internal communications are good, managers make themselves very accessible
Emails are sent and meetings are held often to praise employees or deliver important information
Completely dependant on the team. Some are amazing, some are terrible. Can't generalise.
Encouraging mentor relationships. Reward-based recognition programs across the group. Call-outs for good work. Managers easy to talk to and approachable. Higher management interactions.
Local management work well. Upper management are very disconnected from the front line and rely heavily on error reporting to try and understand the business. This leads to a skewed view of the challenges faced by us.
Managers are very good at communicating down
Highly accessible & visible and readily available for graduate engagement.