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Graduate Project Engineer, CSL

Matthew Bell studied a Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) Major in Chemical Engineering, Minor in Biological Engineering (Graduated 2016) and a Bachelor of Science Major in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (Graduated 2011) at the University of Queensland and is now a Graduate Project Engineer at CSL.


Being a morning person I prefer starting the workday early as that is when I am most effective.


Start my commute to Broadmeadows. I enjoy the drive, as it gives me time to structure my thoughts and listen to various podcasts.


Clocking into work with my index finger, I log in to my laptop and check emails that have come in overnight. As a global organisation, we receive regular internal communications from our overseas counterparts.


Currently working in Minor Projects for a rapidly expanding company, gives me the opportunity to head up my own site project. With the due date rapidly approaching, I start to make a dent in extensive qualification documents that need to be approved for an equipment upgrade; from design risk assessments to performance qualification reports, there is plenty to be done.


I send an email out to the project team, seeking a review of my baseline design document before heading to lunch. Today I am having lunch at the on-site canteen with the other CSL graduates- being part of a graduate cohort is really helpful as we get to compare notes and support each other.


After Lunch, I head to my first meeting of the day. Today’s meeting is with the electrical and automation engineers who will be carrying out the majority of the works for my project. As the project owner and the person who will be qualifying the new piece of equipment, it is important that I understand all the design details of the project.


I head off to a stakeholder management meeting where my manager is chairing. He is explaining certain design decisions to senior managers and organising their resources for the impending midyear shutdown. I am called upon a couple of times to explain technical decisions. After some discussion, we come to an agreement and meeting minutes are agreed.


Today I had a catch-up with my graduate ‘buddy’, who started this year, to check in and discuss how she is going. We recently participated in a development session to understand our working preferences which we discussed and compared to help us understand each other better. 

Matthew in a meeting with his buddy


Back at my desk and I get an instant message from my manager about locating wheels for product cages that we designed back in February. The thing about projects is that you never truly hand them over. I finally locate the wheels in the maintenance storage cage and successfully resolve the issue ensuring no further delay.

Matthew at his desk


Reviewing my emails, I receive feedback about my baseline design document and make notes compiling them in a list to action tomorrow. 


I clock out and head for some social (yet competitive) tennis! I find it a great way to unwind and keep active!

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