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Job Satisfaction at Deloitte

8.3 rating for Job Satisfaction, based on 148 reviews
Please comment on your role and day-to-day responsibilities.
Amazing amount of trust and responsibilities, accelerates learning and growth.
As someone working in IT, I believe automation is very important to ensure efficiency. I would approach a colleague and offer a solution to their problem by writing scripts to enable automation. I will then implement it myself.
Client engagements and compliance work
Changes every day, which is what makes it so great.
Hosting and coordinating monthly meetings, as well as Risk analysis and calculations for investigation engagements.
I extract insights from data and produce visualisations of these insights for clients
As part of the Managed Services team I provide ongoing technical support and maintenance to clients' software platforms
Preparing accounts and tax returns Interacting with Clients and Colleges
Working on client projects with implementing systems
I work across several investigations at any given time. My roles involve interviewing involved individuals, reading through obtained source documents, creating case chronologies, identifying gaps in our knowledge and obtaining such information, generating findings and report writing.
Prepare proposals to tenders, write reports
It changes a lot between engagements. I report to a manager in the morning who prioritises what needs to be done for that day. I mostly work in excel spread sheets and basis word documents performing reconciliations and SWOT analysis on companies.
Every day is different
There is so much support and everyone is happy to help you learn how to do your job better
Analysing the GL
Even as a graduate, I am given responsibilities and important jobs to complete
Responsible for smaller tasks delegated from manager or higher up. Process mappings and business operating model work. Good level of independence to get things done, but also sufficient support for feedback and help.
My day-to-day responsibilities vary a lot which keeps the role interesting. I feel that I am learning a lot as a result of working on different projects and getting exposure to different areas of the business.
Helping out where needed. PowerPoint slides, meetings, sprint planning, project management. Anything you can do without needing significant training is what you'll do in your first year.
economic analysis and modelling, doing both preliminary and more sound research on different topics, stakeholder analysis and consultation, surveys and interviews to perform, client management and contact.