Job Satisfaction at Deloitte

Please comment on your role and day-to-day responsibilities.

Client interviews, analysis of data, reports, site inspection
Graduate, Perth
Operational activities (e.g. undertaking Internal Audit testing and client meetings) 80% Business development and administrative activities 20%
Entry level, Hobart
Managing a small team to deliver client outcomes - currently focused on understanding and documenting a client’s workplace in a consistent and re-usable way for the team to use to help with other analysis
Midlevel, Melbourne
financial analysis and managing a team
Entry level, Sydney
My day to day responsibilities increase as I earn trust among senior project team members. Consulting requires you to juggle company admin with client work, this can be difficult to reconcile sometimes.
Graduate, Melbourne
Currently I am in a PMO analyst role. My day to day work involves supporting the running of a client program which requires: development of communications, rolling up initiative status updates and producing a program dashboard, ensuring risks and issues, resources, budgets and schedules are on track and managed effectively.
Graduate, Perth
Currently working alongside a technically skilled team member with strong maths and programming ability.
Entry level, Melbourne
Preparing and reviewing company tax returns, but also a large amount of time spent on consulting and researching client transactions and operations.
Entry level, Brisbane
I generally am getting to understand how the audit of a company works and I do work related to the profit and loss and balance sheet testing.
Graduate, Sydney
Each day differs. Dependent on client and what work needs to be done. Some days i enjoy the work, some days the tasks are tedious.
Graduate, Sydney
Doing new things often is great, I’d like to be able to do a little more on my jobs, like full documentation and more detailed technical analysis. Sitting at a computer all day is not ideal. Working with various skilled people from different disciplines is interesting
Graduate, Sydney
Auditing of financial statements - steep learning curve but good
Midlevel, Melbourne
In Consulting you are either at a client or 'on the bench' doing practice or business development work. Both involve working with team members and the client, leveraging Deloitte's IP and methodology to solve problems and develop solutions for the client.
Graduate, Perth
Providing assurance services to not-for-profits, government departments and large proprietary companies. Completing field work, liaising with clients
Graduate, Canberra
I have had a good level of exposure to different engagements and developed a variety of skills, no two days have been the same
Graduate, Perth
Using excel to analyse data, client interactions, changing clients every 3-6 weeks, learning different industries, analysing financials, testing sections of financials, multi-tasking
Graduate, Brisbane
There is a huge variety of work and I rarely do the same thing twice, I spend a lot of time learning by doing
Graduate, Perth
Overall I am satisfied with the work that I am assigned. With more time and experience the work will become more challenging and interesting but you need to learn the basics thoroughly first
Graduate, Perth