Career Prospects at DHL

Please tell us about promotion possibilities and fill us in on what it takes to move up the ranks.

In the past 8 years I have changed roles 4 times. DHL has been very accommodating for my appetite to develop and gain experience in different parts of the business.
Executive, Sydney
Still being fairly new I have not had a whole lot of exposure to possible promotion possibilities, however, from talking to past graduates of DHL I have found some have moved into vital managerial roles around project management and account management which has been very appealing to me.
Graduate, Sydney
From what I have heard, there are lots of possibilities, but really depends on your interest and capability, and sometimes waiting for the right timing for the role you want.
Graduate, Horsley Park
At the end of the day, doing good work for your reporting manager will allow you to move up the food chain as opportunities arise, as a graduate you are continuously networking within your rotations. For graduates great opportunities are common.
Midlevel, Sydney
Promotion possibilities as in any case is on the individual. In saying that if you want to progress and move up the opportunities are there for you. We have internal job announcements wide spread throughout the business and encourage employees, if they wish, to try something new. Just this year we had an internal careers day with various guest speakers as well as stands with representatives from our various sectors so individuals could ask questions.
Graduate, Sydney
It is hard to plan your career path due to the big amount of opportunities emerging from time to time, however if you have the right knowledge and experience, confidence and good social network you will have a great career.
Graduate, Sydney
I would not say it is "easy" to move up the ranks in DHL Supply Chain. I have observed the employees that have progressed in the business and it takes a copious amount of hard work and dedication.
Graduate, Horsley Park, NSW