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Corporate Social Responsibility at DHL

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What projects/initiatives does your employer run and what have you worked on personally?
Surf Life Saving, lots of SCR initiatives including Go Green (reducing our carbon footprint), Go Teach (helping those who are less privileged) and Go Help (Helping countries that have been struck by natural disaster).
Executive, Sydney
Graduate, Sydney
Graduate, Sydney
Provided logistic support to a company that delivers food to homeless people with Don Bosco and also take part in a number of clothing drives.
Graduate, Horsley Park
Midlevel, Sydney
The company runs national and international projects during day-to-day and natural disasters Projects include: GoGreen, GoHelp, GoTeach
Graduate, Rhodes
We have the Go Green, Go Help and Go Teach campaigns.
Graduate, Sydney
DHL Supply Chain has a disaster response team built volunteers from the business. There is also the opportunity to volunteer to feed the homeless with your fellow employees. Finally the organization participates in the Red Cross clothing Drive.
Graduate, Horsley Park, NSW
CSR is very important to the company. There is a Go-Green initiative that is at the forefront of daily work. Globally, DHL is a leader in sustainable logistics solutions.
Graduate, Sydney