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Culture at DHL

8.9 rating for Culture, based on 20 reviews
Please describe your company's culture both in the office and after hours. Let us know about the structure and hierarchy, cooperation and teamwork, and socialising amongst colleagues.
Dynamic in the workplace is great with an open door policy all around the business. One challenge is that because lots of offices, people are spread which can detract social interaction between peers.
Fantastic culture, well rounded team driven by delivering excellence every day - overall a good atmosphere to work in
Very friendly, with a structured hierarchy, the leaders within the business are very friendly and approachable. I have found that cooperation and teamwork are strong.
The culture here at DHL is remarkable and initially it was overwhelming. During my induction period of 5 weeks within one of DHL's warehouses I made many friendships both professional and outside of work which I have continued to maintain after rotating into the office at a different site. Once joining the office, the management and leadership team have been more than helpful, not only in my personal development but also being extremely approachable, really making my time here enjoyable.
Very structured hierarchy, lots of department of division to look after each section of the company; very friendly colleagues; and plenty of teamwork
Company culture is good, often culture gets lost in big companies which is not the case at DHL. Exposure to senior management is very good and you will be thrown in the deep end but good work is rewarded with the right amount of support to succeed.
For the few operations I've had the opportunity to work within this past year the main thing people have had to say about their working environment is how good the people they work with are. It is not unusual for this to extend into social engagements outside of working hours. Within working hours teams are required to have daily meetings where information is shared across operational activities and all members of the team have the opportunity to voice their opinions and suggestions
The team culture is honestly the best I've experienced over my years of experience in a corporate environment. Everyone is so supportive and works cooperatively. There's different age groups in the team, yet everyone gets along very well.
DHL Supply Chain has a positive culture inside the office and after hours. The team is always available to help regardless of their workload, they will stop what they are doing to assist you. The CEO dedicates a day per site throughout the year to visit the employees (especially in the warehouse) and has even been challenged to a game of ping pong recently! The organization has a clear structure and hierarchy as a whole and in each team.