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Management at DHL

8.8 rating for Management, based on 20 reviews
How accessible are managers and do they make good mentors? You may want to address internal communication, performance feedback or praise and recognition.
Managers are very accessible, and mentors are assigned to graduates during the program, integrating the graduate into the business
My current managers are very approachable with any concerns. Their wealth of knowledge and experience make them great mentors. I receive monthly reviews about performance where I have received praise for work I have done as well as constructive ways to improve myself.
We have performance reviews at the end of each rotation, I've had a mix of managers throughout my three rotations here so far.
One of the big pro's about working for DHL is that the Management very approachable and eager to give you some accountability and responsibility. You also receive internal feedback and get involved in all levels of stakeholders within the company.
There is a mentoring program for all Graduates and it is driven by the mentee. So in that respect you get out of the relationship what you put in. While it may not be in the most timely matter you get the sense that the managers do care and will make time for you if you need it.
I have received numerous performance feedback and support from my manager since I've started with DHL. My manager is fairly accessible, if I couldn't reach my manager in person then I can always contact them either through email of phone. My manager provides me with great advice which helps with my progression.
The mentor program at DHL Supply Chain is a fantastic opportunity to network and get to know members of the management team. My mentor is a Vice President and we catch up once a month with emails and phone calls in between if needed.
Managers are approachable and friendly, as a graduate a senior mentor is provided throughout the program.