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Working Hours at DHL

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How flexible is your company when it comes to hours?
The company is very flexible however I work long hours because I want to progress and have a leadership position. It is all about your personal work ethic, these efforts do not go unnoticed.
Set hours for salary but flexible around when those hours are worked, depending on the team.
Very flexible if you need to work from home for a morning etc. Generally spend 8-10 hours in office
I have been working 8-4 since I joined the company. As per my observation, the working hours can be quite flexible and your senior does care about your life balance/need to spend time with family.
In terms of flexibility my current manager/managers are very accepting of work hours. They only expect a normal period of time through typical day to day working conditions, however, due to a busy time we are experiencing I have been called upon to work public holidays, weekends and a little later finishing times.
This is dependent upon workload and urgency. At times a normal working day can be sustained. At other times 10-12 hour days aren't uncommon.
Typical hours would be from 9-5, overtime from time to time during the month end period as a finance graduate.
I work in an office environment, I do have a laptop and a mobile so I could theoretically work anywhere, depending on the role depends on where you will be working; Locations include Matraville, Rhodes and Western Sydney (Horsley Park, Erskine Park).
Our standard hours of work are 8:30am - 5:00pm, although you can be required to put in some extra hours to meet deadlines. This does not go unrecognized by the team who are very understanding if you ever need to come in late or leave a little early (within reason).