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Office & Workplace at DHL

8.3 rating for Workplace, based on 20 reviews
Please comment on your company's office space, location and facilities. And while we're at it, please tell us a little about the dress code.
Good work environment, always clean, the standard dress code is semi-formal business attire some areas of the business have casual Fridays.
Due to working within one of our newest offices, I was taken back at the entire office space with its modern design and technology. The dress code is business, with the exception of some sites having smart casual on Fridays.
Office is well organised, and divided into operation office (for warehouse supervisors, operation managers etc.) and back-end office (for general managers, customer supports, analyst, account managers).
Due to the nature of the industry location tends to be in industrial real estate areas. The warehousing facilities and office spaces are up to standard with lunch areas - indoor and outdoor - washroom facilities and parking. Dress code for warehousing is quite strict with full DHL uniforms for WHS purposes, while office spaces offer a professional yet comfortable range of uniforms with the option to wear one�s own professional gear.
The office is fairly spacious and well equipped with up to date programs. Dress code is business attire.
Our offices are very aesthetically pleasing and ergonomic. The new office at Rhodes has city/harbor views from the lunchroom and the most recent technology. Each workstation is equip with a standing desk and ergonomic chair approved by our safety team. The office is an open plan to promote cross functional communication. Depending on your role you will have a different dress code, my dress code is corporate.