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Application Process & Interviews at Downer Group

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Please describe the interview process and assessments.
Standard Online Assessment and phone interview process. Assessment Center was effective for the employers and candidates to determine whether there was potential for a good fit into the company culture.
Because I was interstate when I applied, the hiring process only consisted of online application followed by short phone call to discuss the viability of me moving for the job. After that first round, I was called by future team leader and manager for a 40 minute interview. Decision was made after that as to whether I was successful or not.
Screening call followed by assessment centre
Multiple interviews with HR, assessment centre, interview with current company manager, presentation to executive board.
Online assessments followed by a phone interview. After this screening came an assessment center that evaluated teamwork and individual skills. Finally, a presentation was required for the following day on a pre-selected topic.
The interview process consisted of an online application, a phone interview and a two day assessment centre. The assessment centre involved individual and group assessments, as well as presentation skills and face-to-face interviews.
had a two day interview at their assessment centre. Day 1 involved introduction of the company and about the graduate program including what they were looking for in the candidates, problem solving (teams), face to face interview and debate and presentation (teams) If you do we
Two day process. A full day of assessment activities on day one - individually and collaborative, then an evening call to address whether one progresses to day two, which involves preparing a 10 min presentation that evening and presenting it to the executive team the next day.
1. Online Assessment 2. Phone call 3. Invitation to the head office for assessment & interview for two days. Assessment includes comprehensive behaviour questions, problem solving tasks & presentations. 4. Inform individual employment post assessment
Online + Phone+ F2F assessment centers
online application and personality test, followed by phone screening interview, then 2 day assessment centre
The interview process consisted of the below steps: 1. Online application 2. Phone interview 3. Online assessment (personality test). 4. Assessment day (A debate, team problem solving task and a behavioral interview) 5. Successful application were asked to return the following day to present a topic (from a list) to senior management for 20 minutes.
What questions were you asked in your interviews?
Generic personality and past experience questions.
General information about me, what I studied. I was asked to give examples of when I have shown application of relevant skills. Technical questions were asked regarding what I had learnt throughout my degree.
About my experience and a few behavioural questions
Scenario based and experience questions. As well as questions designed to understand your personality and motivations.
What my previous experience was, what I knew about Downer, how I would handle various difficult situations and scenarios.
Behavioural and situational questions. Questions about yourself where you were able to talk both about your personal and professional experiences.
Situation where I demonstrated certain skills - leaderships, challenges, decision making, adaptability.
1. Your strengths 2. Your work experiences in the past 3. Your family background 4. Your discipline in university 5. How do you manage some situations at work 6. Your future plan
motivation for applying, interest in downer some STAR questions flexibility to relocate/rotate
There were many behavioral interview questions which involved providing examples for different situations you encountered in the past. The STAR technique is useful to answer these questions.
Do you have any specific tips and advice for candidates applying to your company? How would you recommend they best prepare?
The employers are looking for candidates they would love to work with rather than candidates to work for them.
Learn about the company you are applying for. Think about times when you have demonstrated technical ability and make sure to act interested. Be socialable but be relaxed also
Know why you want to work for the company and why you want the specific role.
Try and be comfortable with who you are and what you can offer. They company searching for graduates aren't searching for experience. Instead they are looking for people with the potential to make something of the company, and take on projects and meld easily with their existing employees and culture.
Back yourself and be genuine. Present a holistic picture of who you are not just your grades or technical skills.
Research what the organisation does and recent projects, know your CV and what areas can be used to demonstrate various skills, evaluate how your strengths and what they can bring to the organisation. Be yourself during the interviews and the assessments.
Be honest and ready to think out of the box and yet still own the box
Have a list of experiences and situations that demonstrate certain skills. You never know which skill they might be asking.
Be yourself but prepare for battle.
Be yourself. Be respectful to other candidates
Research the company and industry - current events and future work as having this knowledge can help you in your interactions during the recruitment process. Have a list of situations you've handled in the past - such as conflict and leadership - be prepared with different examples. Talk to as many people as you can at the assessment center as you want to be noticed and make an impact. Practice, practice and practice your presentation. Talking naturally will help you be yourself instead of reading a script. The recruitment process is not only to determine your academic performance but who you are as a person so be yourself.