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Patrick Constable

8.30 AM

My alarm goes off. Do I press snooze? Probably. Whoops, it is now 9:00 – definitely time to get up. Let’s stretch and get ready for the day. Shower, done; brush my teeth, done; got my keys, done; out the door, just.

Now to walk to the metro to make my way to a Chinese class. I still do some extra curricular activities even though I have finished my undergraduate degree. It’s important to keep learning, and it’s a plus to learn a language when you’re living in a foreign country.

10.00 AM

I’ve just made it to Jiefengbei. It’s very metropolitan. Parts of it and I feel like I am in New York or somewhere else. Hmm.. I hear my stomach grumble a little bit. Let’s have some breakfast. Chinese breakfast is different from Australian breakfast. Hmm, should I have spicy noodles 小面 or 包子, it's a steamed bun with either a salty meat filling, vegetables or sweet red beans! Hmm.. So many options. Let’s have a baozi. Ooh and can’t forget coffee!

11.00 AM

Now let’s practice some Mandarin Chinese.

12.30 PM

Let’s now get the metro back to work. Lots of people and everyone is curious to say hello or 你好. Everyone here is very friendly.

2.00 PM

Work – is there a meeting today? Lets check the schedule. Yep, teachers meeting today. We’re talking KPIs, open lessons, achievement ceremonies, new products, trainings, appreciation, EFEKTA events, socialize, innovation creation, new projects, new staff announcements, schedule, role plays to apply the new trainings such as OPT, PTC, AC, parent interactions.


Let's Talk


2.50 PM

Now time for some coffee to quickly recharge. Luckily the office has a coffee machine, after my many requests and demands for my boss to buy one.


3.30 PM

just checked my schedule and I have a PTC tonight.

A PTC is a Parent Teacher Conference, this doesn’t happen every week, but it is something that requires a little bit of different preparation. Firstly, it is important that I follow up with my PA, progress adviser, to see what we should talk about in regards to the students' performance and what the parents want. Second, I need to make the students report cards and then finally I need to do a quick practice of the PowerPoint I will be presenting from.

4.00 PM

Let’s have a quick bite for lunch with some work friends – you're probably thinking – do I do anything other than eating and socializing?

4.30 PM

Class starts in 30 minutes. Let’s get prepared! I have to find some teaching materials and also make some teaching materials. I really want my students to improve on their spelling of three letter words so I am going to make them each a puzzle they need to complete to do this.

8.30 PM

Work is finished! Let’s just double check that all of my post class tasks have been done. Attendance for all of my classes, done; all of my binders and post lesson work; done! Let’s go home.

8.45 PM

Alright, change of plans! I might go for a tour around the city. Chongqing is beautiful at night. The lights, the atmosphere and the food. I might get check out Hongyadong Cave and see the lights. Chongqing really is spectacular at night.




Oooh... lets grab a late night snack. I might have a 滨港葫芦, it’s a fruit stick usually with hawthorn berries or strawberries and dipped in a red toffee mix, or maybe some 醋肉 it’s a crispy meat with a Sichuan pepper seasoning. Food here, no matter if it is breakfast, lunch or tea is always a delicious adventure.

10.00 PM

Alright, I am getting pretty tired. Let’s go home so I can relax for a bit before getting ready for bed.

I might either watch some TV or read a book. Let’s do both, but not for too long. I want to at least wake up at a good time tomorrow!

12.00 AM

The day is done. Let’s set my alarm for 7:00, which I know I will probably press snooze for 30 minutes, so I can wake up and go for a morning run before getting back into work.

12.30 AM

After checking my phone and browsing the web for half an hour I am finally ready for bed! Goodnight world.