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Blake Andrew Evans

Pick up a hobby and explore it deeply. Having one activity that you love will help support your healthy and mentality.

What's your job about?

My job as an International Teacher is to teach the English language from the perspective of a native speaker. Since English is my native language, I can share what I know of the history and culture that is shared among English speakers in my home country. My responsibilities as a teacher range from tasks in the classroom and tasks in the office. Most often I will plan lessons to teach kids and teens. These English classes complement the English lessons the students are learning in their regular school. At EF we play fun activities while learning English to improve our memory! Outside of the class, I will direct educational projects with students and other staff members. Finally, there are chances to contribute to my school center by decorating the walls with seasonal décor and leading team bonding events. Once a month I take the opportunity to volunteer for my center. Creating art is fun, therefore decorating the walls with cool pictures makes me smile.

What's your background?

The big country of Canada is my home. It’s ever so beautiful! Really, this country is a treasure. My hometown of Bayfield is along the shore of Great Lake Huron. This community is a village built up from the settlement of European colonies in Anishinaabe Territory. Nowadays, many folks here have a respect for the lake and the beauty it brings. From the beach environment I learned keen observation skills, appreciation for sun light and the patience of water. In high school I focused my studies on Art, History, Culture, Fitness and Biology. Growth is fascinating. Many of my school projects were in resonance with the circle of life, the reproduction of plants, or Ancient Egyptian history. Today these motifs inspire my lifestyle by means of fashion choices (local and organic threads), vegetarianism, sound and language appreciation, and respect for life. “I love nature” is my superhero catch phrase and my force field is pink like wild rose petals! For my university career I chose to travel with a friend to Thunder Bay in North Western Ontario. Here I studied at Lakehead University, and graduated with an Honors Bachelor of Fine Arts. Additionally, I studied the Mandarin language and was a recipient of the Top Student Award in the class. This experience inspired me to learn more about Chinese culture leading me to apply to live and work in China with EF English First. My time at LU exposed me to different social groups; athletes, nature enthusiasts, queer folkx, international and indigenous youth. The ideals I was taught as a child began to dissolve. I learned how to be compassionate towards others. Each of our stories are unique.

Could someone with a different background do your job?

This job is accepting of diverse types of people. Anyone could do this job so long as they have a good understanding of the English language. Someone who would do well at this job would have good time management skills, an interest in teaching and being with students, have a TESL certificate, be open to speaking in front of many students, and be able to plan lessons based on curriculum material. There are also many opportunities for you to learn more while on the job. Your skills will develop in real time. Give it a go!

What's the coolest thing about your job?

Each day I step into one of my regular classes, I enjoy seeing the smiles of the students. When they can produce a full sentence we’ve built, I feel everything come full circle. It’s a grounding feeling when the student begins to understand how to piece together vocabulary.

Traveling back in time here are 3 things I’d tell my younger self:

  1. Pick up a hobby and explore it deeply. Having one activity that you love will help support your healthy and mentality.
  2. Be safe – You're young and brave now, but please remember you can live a long life if you choose healthy options. Learn about health foods, exercise and environmental exposures.
  3. Don’t give in to peer pressure. If others want you to try something you’d rather not... make new friends. There will be others who accept you for your true self.