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Ryan Sue

I love the collaboration and positive, engaging culture that Intergen brings with them.

 What's your job about?

Intergen helps business thrive through providing several business and technology solutions such as Cloud Services, Data insights, Business Intelligence and Advanced Analytics - I am in the area of Digital and Experience Design. My responsibility is creating and ensuring viable UI design that reflects consideration of user needs, clients’ perspectives and alignment with development tools.

My job involves creating low and high-fidelity designs through software such as UXpin, that help our clients to envision their ideas effectively. I help create designs that are interactive in UXpin, so I can ensure the elements and overall composition lead to an optimal outcome. As a UI / UX designer, the goal is to create seamless user interfaces (functional and aesthetic) that result in positive experiences for users.

What's your background?

I was born and raised in Wellington and have lived mostly in Churton Park.

I went to Montessori Preschool, followed Churton Park Primary School, Raroa Normal Intermediate, Wellington College, Auckland University of Technology, Contract work for Dream Creative, VIVID and Purple Shirt / Jucy / Air New Zealand, Digital technology and Game Developer startup - Project Limbus Ltd. It’s difficult to define the most important stages of my life, while college onwards helped me establish my career path, education prior to college set the right foundation for learning fundamental skills.

I met the Executive GM – People and Performance of Empired overseas, who spoke very highly of the company and further mentioned that “Empired/Intergen are always looking for fresh innovation and passionate people.”

After learning more about Intergen, I sent in an application for a service desk role. Once I told Intergen more about my background, I was delighted to hear that they found a more suitable role than the one I had initially applied for. I am super grateful the team at Intergen took the time to look at alternatives and considered a position where I could thrive best.

Could someone with a different background do your job?

Yes, but it requires the right mindset, if you’re open-minded and can put yourself in the shoes of others, have a good awareness of technology and capabilities then you would be a great fit. It would be ideal to have some form of design background as this would help significantly with design principles and picking up relevant software relatively quickly. I would lastly add, to be a good listener and be an active reflector; designs will often be adjusted and improved, and it is important to gauge the impact of design changes and decisions.

What's the coolest thing about your job?

I love the collaboration and positive, engaging culture that Intergen brings with them. Task wise I enjoy the process of sharing my designs because it’s a time to reflect, visualize the fruition of ideas, constantly improve and learn from others.

What are the limitations of your job?

I would say the responsibility is fair given my position as a grad, right now responsibility revolves around communicating well with my peers. I have not had to work during the weekends either. The job is not physically demanding. I would say the biggest limitation is the constraints that come with some of the developer tools. While some developer tools are quite flexible, others are a little more constrained, and therefore I must carefully consider how visual design is impacted depending on the project and client.

3 pieces of advice for yourself when you were a student...

  1. Continue to diversify your skillset and work with varied projects and different groups.
  2. Consider how your current work will lead on to your future career, what are the opportunities/demand like in New Zealand or wherever you’d like to go for your career pathway?
  3. Take on some form of commercial work / internship for more experience so you understand how projects work operationally.