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Please tell us about promotion possibilities and fill us in on what it takes to move up the ranks.
Promotion will be available if you are performing at the expected standard. However, it is too structured.
Graduate, melbourne
There is a very realistic possibility of positive career progression. If you do your work to a high quality and help others around you, you can definitely move up the ranks.
Midlevel, Melbourne
Performing at the level you wish to move to.
Graduate, Melbourne
I have progressed really quickly and I have felt that my capability and contribution has been recognized by promotions, even if my salary does not reflect this.
Midlevel, Canberra
My team has a very standardised process for progressions for grads. As long as you can get a 3/5 rating at roundtables, you will get progressed (Consultant 1 to Consultant 2 to Consultant 3) every six months, then spent a year at Consultant 3 before being promoted to Senior Consultant. I've heard this is a faster progression than the average EY team. Each progression comes with a pay rise, which is always good. You can progress faster than this if you're really good.
Midlevel, Melbourne
There is a well-defined promotion structure, meaning that there is always a new position to aim for. Moving up the ranks takes increasing development in business, sales, consulting, and your chosen area of consulting (e.g. risk assurance). There is definitely politics involved as well - it is evident that you will need someone who is a higher rank than you to "sponsor" you, and be willing to risk their reputation in backing you up and speaking well of you.
Graduate, Melbourne
Never fast promote people. Only progress at normal pace even if high achiever
Midlevel, Sydney
From experience promotion is solely dependent on time spent within the firm. Performance does not seem to impact the speed of promotion.
Midlevel, Sydney
Working hard although some people suck up to the partners and are able to progress faster
Midlevel, Sydney
If you are able to complete the job within timeframes and manage expectations, it's very easy to move up the ranks. There's a set structure in place to move up.
Midlevel, Sydney
Progression through the first few ranks is generally guaranteed, and promotion opportunities come about at the end of the financial year
Graduate, Sydney
Set structure
Graduate, Melbourne
Not very clear.
Graduate, Sydney
You have to be a great performer with consistent delivery, and good feedback from your engagement managers/partners. Process is quite simple, no need to write business cases or anything (for the consultant/senior consultant level). Sometimes will hinge on team budget though, and sometimes external hires have been made rather than promoting internally.
Midlevel, Brisbane
You will basically move up the ranks every year if you meet expectations and it is obvious what expectations are
Midlevel, Melbourne
Progression and Promotion is very clear - you know what is needed to progress/be promoted.
Midlevel, Melbourne
This varies from team to team.
Graduate, Melbourne
I have worked hard and been a high performer, and have been promoted really quickly accordingly. Some teams have a culture of "spending time" at your level, which makes it difficult to progress quickly if you are a high performer but this has not been my experience and I think promotion is largely merit based.
Midlevel, Melbourne
Progression is well communicated, and structured.
Midlevel, Adelaide
Promotions and progressions are basically yours to lose - if you are performing you will be promoted annually.
Graduate, Perth

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