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Alex Yallouridis

Alex is studying a Bachelor of Business (Extended-Major in Economics, Sub-Major in Business Law) & Bachelor of Creative Intelligence & Innovation at University of Technology Sydney and is now an Intern at Gallagher

6:30 AM

I don’t think any normal person wakes up after setting just one alarm. I tend to get in the habit of setting a few early ones just to pretend that I slept in before my actual alarm goes off at 6:30am. That’s how you start a working day properly in my opinion. I slowly get out of bed get ready and head to the station, grab a hot coffee and next stop, North Sydney.

8:30 AM

I make my way to level eleven, greet my colleagues and load up my computer. I fire up my emails and go through any important and relevant information that needs attention, and plan out my day in the office. I have a quick chat with my manager about any new updates and converse with the people around me.

11:15 AM

It’s time for my first meeting of the day! I head over to one of our many impressive meeting rooms and take everything in, using every bit of information as tool to broaden my skillset. We discuss our plan to get in touch with more clients and how we can provide the best services to them. I take notes and bring any relevant data that I can use back to my desk. I get involved as much as I can and bring up any ideas that I have which may contribute to the discussion.

12:15 PM

There’s nothing better after a meeting than a coffee run with some mates in the office to clear your head and take a quick little break. We update each other on our day’s proceedings and if anything exciting is happening in our work. This is a perfect time to catch up on the latest sporting news and take our picks on which teams are going to come out on top.

12:30 PM

It’s back to work for the last hour before lunch, I check in with my manager and continue working on our main project. There are some new market changes which have resulted in us shifting our plan of attack, so we make some adjustments and review findings. This means some changes have to be made in our excel model. I spend some time navigating through excel and adapting our model to reflect the new outcomes. There’s tension in the air and its all hands on deck for the department.

1:30 PM

After a busy hour of work, it’s time for some lunch. Generally, I’ll either have something prepped from home or pop into one of the many shops in Greenwood shopping centre. I love sushi, so that tends to be my go to. The usual order of some seared salmon nigiri is the energy boost I need to keep me going. I also get to catch up with a few friends from other departments.

2:30 PM

After sending some emails, I dial into a conference call with my manager and a prospective client regarding certain assets they wish to insure. We discuss the timeline of our services and ensure they’re happy with the strategy. I take notes and make sure I have recorded all the necessary details so we can go back and arrange necessary steps to come to an agreement. I make sure to ask any questions that I have as I am still learning the ins and outs of the industry. I enjoy being a part of these meetings as they really enable me to get involved and understand more about empathising with clients as well as seeing the differences between each interaction and meeting.

3:30 PM

This is where I get in my own little zone and get cracking on work. With meetings and client catch-ups out of the way, I plug in my headphones, put on a playlist of my favourite music and get straight to it. There are some data that needs to be inputted on our server so I take this time to check and clarify details, upload, and research information on companies. I read over several reports and note and key information that my manager needs to be made aware of. My music playing keeps me working efficiently until the end of the day.

5:00 PM

It’s time to go home! It’s been a busy day at work but there is still a lot left to do. I wrap up everything in the office – checking in on my university timetable on the way home. A lecture and tutorial await me tonight, not to mention some assignment work on the side. I can’t skip on gym so I get a quick session in just before study.

11:30 PM

After a long day, I get back into bed and watch some Netflix. Either a comedy or a new interesting show is playing – I usually don’t do too well on deciding so it’s a random pick. It takes me a while to fall asleep but I usually force myself to finish the movie or episode before falling asleep just for some peace of mind.