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John Holland

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Training & Personal Development at John Holland

7.1 rating for Training, based on 23 reviews
Please describe the training programmes at your company and tell us what skills you've picked up.
Graduate Program provides plenty of training. Depending on certain projects, there are training programs
Graduate, Sydney
Business 4 certificates, can't see the relevance to my current job.
Midlevel, Sydney
Good availability and support for training, both generic and in specialized fields.
Graduate, Sydney
High Risks Licenses
Graduate, Sydney
Plenty of courses throughout the graduate program, definitely a massive help with impromptu communication and presenting.
Graduate, Grafton
Training is available from time to time but seems to be put in place as a reaction of a mistake onsite.
Graduate, Sydney
Training is available, however training on new digital systems and optimised ways of working is not a focus like it should be.
Graduate, Sydney
The graduate program exposes graduates to a range of different projects and areas of the business. I have learned skills such as scheduling using Primavera 6, systems assurance and environmental studies.
Graduate, Melbourne, Victoria
I have completed many training programs since starting work, such as, working at heights, warden training, confined space entry, etc.
Graduate, Melbourne
Just do the basic site training that engineers need. Graduates get a couple of days away to do some training (really good), just wish there was more regular training.
Graduate, Melbourne
Minimal training.
Graduate, Melbourne
Training for individual varies, some have received more training than others. Consistency could be improved
Graduate, Sydney
The business offers training but could be more often.
Midlevel, Melbourne