Training & Personal Development at J.P. Morgan

Please describe the training programmes at your company and tell us what skills you've picked up.

There's lots of mandatory training for regulatory reasons. Although it used to not be perfect, the firm has focused on making these courses shorter (<1hr) and more useful.
Graduate, Sydney
3 weeks in London on a fully expensed work trip. Networking and learning with other graduates from Europe, APAC and South America. An incredible experience.
Graduate, Sydney
The New York training program is excellent and allows junior employees to develop a diverse range of skills.
Graduate, Sydney
The company sent me to New York for 6 weeks to train us on what we would be doing in our roles. This was an excellent opportunity to learn (ground-up) more generally about investment banking / finance / M&A / debt / equity products, as well as meet peers that work across different offices. Throughout the year, multiple "lunch and learn" sessions have assisted with my legal knowledge, as well as knowledge on the various databases / internal systems.
Graduate, Melbourne
I mainly enjoyed the graduate training around presentation and people skills as well as some risk and control analysis.
Graduate, Sydney
Training is great. Offshore training develops deep cross border relationships which are handy day to day. All required technical training was also provided
Midlevel, Sydney