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Management at MinterEllison

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How accessible are managers and do they make good mentors? You may want to address internal communication, performance feedback or praise and recognition.
Difficult to get access to partners but there are some good senior lawyers who can provide good mentoring
My immediate manager is a fantastic mentor. He takes the time out of his day to address issues and work through learning exercises with me.
Senior partners are very available to juniors. For example, I have a good working relationship with the Managing Partner, which is not unusual.
They make themselves available for formal teaching and also exchanging pleasantries.
The partners and senior lawyers at the firm are incredible lawyers. The hierarchy does not create boundaries and all of those at senior lawyers are approachable and great to learn from. I have received regular feedback on my work to date.
Again, depends on the team and your supervising partners. Understandably, during busy season partners and senior lawyers are busy, however, when there is a lull in activity, they are more than willing to teach and mentor junior lawyers.
It really depends on who your supervising partner is. My supervising partner is a very good mentor and we have a good working relationship, but this varies across the firm.
I think in general managers are conscious of their role in the company. However as they are so busy in their work lives it is very easy not to take notice of juniors who then feel like they aren't getting feedback or mentoring.