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Mario Sinovcic

7.15 AM

Hit the snooze button just enough times to make me slightly panicked about getting to work on time. Finally get out of bed and pet my dog for keeping me safe while I sleep. Regardless of if I’m working from home or not, I put on some nice fresh clothes after a shower to help me get in the right mindset from work. Feed myself and my dog (different food for each of the parties involved) and make my lunch for work.

8.00 AM

Head to work with my music on slightly to loud in the car. I’ve also been getting into this software developer podcast (Software Engineering Daily) which has been really engaging so far.

8.35 AM

Arrive at my carpark and head into work.

8.45 AM

Walk into the MYOB office and immediately go to the coffee machine. This might be the most important part of the day for me. Then I put down my stuff at a desk close to my peers, say hi and have a bit of chat to start of the day while clearing out my inbox.

9.05 AM

This is when the real work starts. I check my notes (which I keep on Notion) and see what my goals are for the week. These goals are set weekly by me and my mentors in order to make sure I’m focusing my attention in the right areas. I pick something I’m curious or that I’ve already start and start working a way at it. Today I’m working with AWS and trying to create some services I need for a Slack bot I’ve been making.

10.30 AM

Go get an apple from the free fruit box in the lunchroom to give myself a bit of a breather.

11.30 AM

Stand up time. Since half of the cohort is based in Australia our daily stand ups are at 11:30 so that everyone in the protege cohort can be involved. Stand ups help me find new areas of learning but they also let me reflect on the work I’m doing. It’s also an easy way to share resources or to help out others in the group.

12.00 PM

Lunch time!! Which usually leftovers form dinner or a simple meal I make in the morning. I find a spot to chat with some people in the office. It’s always fun to hear what other people are working throughout the company and to hear the problems they are trying to solve. It can often be quite motivating for the rest of the day’s work.

12.25 PM

A very overly competitive game of pool accompanied with high quality trash talking from all parties involved.

12.40 PM

Get back into work with another cup of coffee at my side. Since I have my mentor meeting in a few minutes I tend to use this time to write up notes about what I’ve learnt and prepare questions for my mentors

1.00 PM

Have my daily meeting with my mentors. Often based around whatever I’m working on. Pair programming with my mentors often leads to valuable points of discovery. For example, today we discovered that the deployment system I was using for the Slack bot was not very well suited for continuous development and so the deployment architecture was changed.

3.00 PM

After my meeting I take a short break and grab another coffee. I’ll then try to continue with the work I’d started at the beginning of the day.

4.30 PM

I start to unwind and finish up tasks. I usually save the end of the day for more exciting tasks because it leaves me feeling excited about the next day. The software development landscape is vast and so there is always something new I can learn or some new conference I can watch that gets me excited about the capabilities of this industry.

6.30 PM

Stop of at the gym on the way home from work.

8.00 PM

Have some dinner and then head to the pool to coach Waterpolo at local club that I coach at.

10.00 PM

Get home, have a snack or two and head to bed.