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Isabella Bradaric

I enjoy working on tasks that aim to add value to our customer experience and in turn, seeing how certain initiatives have improved end-users’ satisfaction.

Tell us about your current role

nbn is the company responsible for building and operating Australia’s broadband network. Our purpose is to help lift the digital capability of the country by helping all Australians connect to fast broadband. As a wholesaler, we sell our wholesale broadband products to Retail Service Providers so end users can purchase them and connect to our broadband network. Having only formed in 2009, nbn is a transformative and highly dynamic company to work for with now over six thousand employees across Australia.

My first and current rotation is in the Voice of Customer Team, which sits within the Residential Sales and Marketing business unit. We are responsible for delivering customer and market insight to the organisation to help employees connect with the experience of our end users and empower business decisions. From day one, I have had exposure to various projects and ongoing business activities that the team looks after. Tasks can vary from assisting colleagues with the launch of new customer experience (CX) projects to managing ad hoc research requests from the business and liaising with stakeholders. Some of my work also revolves around drafting surveys and analysing the CX data output using statistical programs to report key findings. Working in the Voice of Customer Team has allowed me to apply the qualitative and quantitative research methods that I learnt in my studies to the market research context of CX.

How did you find your way to nbn?

Since I was born, I have lived in and around Sydney CBD and have grown up in a family that runs a restaurant business in the city. In high school, I was a bit of an all-rounder. I enjoyed subjects such as commerce and legal studies but was always intrigued by science and maths. When it came to decide on what to study at university, I thought to combine these two and complete a double degree in Commerce and Science.

With majors in Finance and Psychology, I was unsure on what career journey I would take once my studies had finished. Growing up being surrounded by the hospitality industry, combined with the part-time and casual work experiences I completed alongside university really helped me form an idea of what area I wanted to work full-time in. My work was very customer orientated and I became interested in how businesses operate to better serve their customers.

During my graduate job search, I stumbled across a job advertisement for nbn and was attracted to the potential of being a part of the company’s transformation to a customer and service-led organisation. Not really knowing what field of work I wanted to go into, the opportunity to complete four rotations across different areas of the business would allow me to try out the various areas of my studies that I enjoyed. I was so excited when I was offered a Business Graduate role which I started in February 2020!

What has surprised you about being a graduate at nbn?

The thing that surprises me about being a graduate at nbn is the visibility of the tasks I work on. Within the first five months of joining, I have been involved in projects and pieces of work that are pivotal for the business. Even with these opportunities, it doesn’t feel like I have been thrown into the deep end as I am constantly supported each step of the way. As a grad at nbn, you have so many support networks across the organisation and the collaborative culture at company makes you feel like a valued employee.

What do you enjoy most about working at nbn?

I love that I am proud to work at nbn. We are all united as one team to deliver one of the biggest infrastructure projects in Australia, aiming to uplift the digital capability of the nation. It is this shared purpose that creates such a motivated and engaged working environment. I enjoy working on tasks that aim to add value to our customer experience and in turn, seeing how certain initiatives have improved end-users’ satisfaction.

What has been challenging?

The biggest challenge for me, particularly now that we are working from home has been reaching out to other nbn employees and stakeholders that I have not met before. Having virtual conversations with people and introducing myself over a video call has been a new and sometimes daunting experience that has taken some time to get used to. However, it is important to establish good working relationships with both internal and external stakeholders, so I make an effort to step outside of my comfort zone whenever I can to continually build my confidence.

3 pieces of advice for yourself when you were a student...

1.  Continue to do the things you enjoy and are passionate about, rather than following what other people are doing around you.

2. Challenge yourself when applying for jobs. Don’t be afraid to apply for a company in an industry you feel you are not familiar with or qualified for. I never thought I would end up working in telecommunications, but I have absolutely loved it so far!

3. Be confident in your skills and abilities and always back yourself.