Working Hours at Orica

How flexible is your company when it comes to hours?

I am in an office based role with site visits, so I do not work as many hours in a day as other graduates. If I was in a site based role I would be working more hours in a day.
Graduate, Newcastle
I am contracted for 38 hours. In my first year I was sitting around that mark. As my skill set has expanded with time so has the amount of work that I do which I like. I enjoy the work when it is there and when things slow down I am able to take Time In Lieu or have an afternoon off here or there.
Graduate, Singleton
Very flexible around relocation (leaving early for house inspection; arriving late to allow for removalists etc.). Good start finish time (8-4pm)
Graduate, Newcastle
I work my own hours. As long as the boss knows where I am, and I complete my tasks it's extremely flexible. Some days I'll be out on site for 12-14 hours and other days I'll only be in the office for 8 hours.
Graduate, Mackay
Very flexible hours. Often work longer hours, but this is offset by the flexibility provided
Graduate, Melbourne
1sr rotation as quite good, 7-3.30 and longer during shutdowns. 2nd rotation, technically 7-3.30 but more like 7- 5 and taking quite a bit of work homework home. Also receiving phone calls when finished for the day. I am happy to work the hours, and I enjoy my job but some recognition etc. for the hours worked would be nice. A bit of give and take on both sides. My bonus or pay increase was similar to others who worked a typical 38 hours’ work week.
Graduate, NSW, QLD
From what I have seen so far it seems quite reasonable but may be dependent on who your manager is and what team you are working in. There is no strict start time each day so some people arrive early to leave early and others come in later if that suits them more.
Graduate, Melbourne
Work long hours but it comes with the job. Company very flexible.
Graduate, Kalgoorlie
Quite flexible, work life balance is good at Orica, expect to work 8 - 5:30 with flexibility as required.
Graduate, Melbourne
Very flexible It varies between Office and mine site work. Mostly site.
Graduate, All over WA