Office & Workplace at Orica

Please comment on your company's office space, location and facilities. And while we're at it, please tell us a little about the dress code.

Dress code where I am based is smart casual, but at head office locations it may be more business attire.
Graduate, Newcastle
The office I work in is pretty grim. It is a bunch of portables or strapped together without enough office space for everyone. The good thing about is its strategic location to our customers, it is right in the thick of it. Dress code is fantastic. High vis clothes that can be dirty and creased. Provided your clothes do not stink of body odour you are all good.
Graduate, Singleton
As expected form an industrial site, office is plain and functional with few if any aesthetic features. Limited to zero creature comforts (no fruit box, no biscuits etc). Dress code is company-branded high-vis and heavy duty steel capped boots
Graduate, Newcastle
Typical high vis when on site.
Graduate, NSW, QLD
Being on site the offices are pretty standard. No fancy facilities but everything you need is available. The dress code is fairly relaxed. Most people where the PPE uniform but others will wear jeans and a shirt.
Graduate, Melbourne
Varies a lot depending on the office. Sites are all high vis work wear, product development sites are smart casual and high vis, head office is business pants and open neck shirt. Head office fronts onto a park which gives it the rare benefit of having plenty of natural light. Open plan desks at head office, individual rooms at other sites. Essentially, whatever type of office environment you're looking for you can find somewhere. Yet to see regular suit and tie wearing though.
Graduate, Melbourne