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Culture at Schlumberger

8.8 rating for Culture, based on 10 reviews
Please describe your company's culture both in the office and after hours. Let us know about the structure and hierarchy, cooperation and teamwork, and socialising amongst colleagues.
There is a great culture both in the office and on the rigs in Australia. Most people in the office are middle to senior, with most grads in the field. Most people in leadership and management come from a STEM background and are promoted from within which is motivating as a grad starting out.
Graduate, Brisbane and Roma
Supportive, encouraging team.
Graduate, Perth
Schlumberger has a strong culture to continuously grow their employees. There is a presence of teamwork in every aspect of the Schlumberger job from preparation to execution. Since each Schlumberger operation are large operations, you'll most likely be working with a crew that will consist of operators and supervisors. There are three grades from a field engineer trainee to a general field engineer. The progression is clearly outlined and your progression will be self-driven. For each grade, there will be training schools which you must attend and complete.
Graduate, San Antonio
The company culture is highly structured and organised, where everything has a proper procedure and protocol. During busy times, there is not much socializing amongst colleagues due to all of us being out in the field, however everyone in the company is always happy to help or answer questions and socialise outside or work with me.
Graduate, Dickinson, North Dakota USA
The culture at the company is second to none. Schlumberger's structural framework and core values has built an absolutely great workplace culture, which has made the transition from university into the real world very smooth. The employees at the company have a high level of integrity, approachability and people skills, which makes going to work very enjoyable.
Graduate, Perth
We all look after each other, on and off job hours. I think communication plays a huge role in our culture as a team.
Graduate, Midland