Career Prospects at Suncorp Group

Please tell us about promotion possibilities and fill us in on what it takes to move up the ranks.

Initially the opportunities are good. The first job after the graduate program can be difficult to acquire due to the competitive environment of several graduates going for the same role. Promotion gets difficult over time as with any company. It may be a bit more difficult at Suncorp due to a higher average age in the workforce.
Entry level, Sydney
The Suncorp graduate programme is two years long, although if you work hard enough and express your interest in moving into a permanent role prior to those two years being over, it is possible to move on from the graduate programme quicker than that.
Graduate, Sydney
Very flat structure - diverse options
Midlevel, Brisbane
Having struggled with this (thus far), I don't know what it takes...
Graduate, Brisbane
As a large and very diverse business there are constantly opportunities for career progression and promotion.
Graduate, Brisbane
It depends on reputation and the opportunities available. The company sometimes gets caught up on years of experience rather than the required skills for a job.
Graduate, Brisbane