Job Satisfaction at Suncorp Group

Please comment on your role and day-to-day responsibilities.

I work on large IT projects and lead the testing effort. I manage the overall test strategy and coordinate testing with offshore/onshore partners.
Entry level, Sydney
Problem solving, strategic thinking, reporting on trends in the external environment, strategic projects, customer strategy projects, competitor analysis, financial modelling, applying strategic frameworks to analysis situations
Entry level, Sydney
Day-to-day responsibilities vary. There is definitely a BAU component, but also opportunity for growing and developing. However, this is very self-driven. If you want to own something and want more exposure, it is definitely on you to speak up and voice that. Opportunities are there, but you have to take action because people aren't going to approach you and tell you what to do.
Graduate, Sydney
Corporate Strategy and Development of the company; high impact work; senior level leadership interactions; market watching and broader understanding of international markets and competitors.
Midlevel, Brisbane
Building strong relationships with internal and external stakeholders, and applying sound underwriting and risk analysis to identify, develop and maintain a profitable book of business.
Midlevel, Melbourne
I work with internal stakeholders to ensure financial risks are adequately and effectively managed. This involves review activities, model validation and other ad hoc analysis.
Graduate, Brisbane
As a graduate I am lucky enough to have had the opportunity to work in four different teams over the past two years. I am currently an Underwriter. I have really enjoyed the variety of work in all of my roles at Suncorp.
Graduate, Brisbane
The work I do varies on a daily basis, usually providing analysis on a range of ad hoc areas of interest to senior leaders
Graduate, Brisbane
People are happy to share their time to improve my work in my team.
Graduate, Brisbane