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WA Department of Health

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Training & Personal Development at WA Department of Health

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Please describe the training programmes at your company and tell us what skills you've picked up.
There are regular Professional Development sessions facilitated and a number of PD sessions run both internally and externally to health every year.
Through the graduate development program I was provided with opportunities to complete a diploma of development and management -where I gained project management skills, leadership and teamwork skills. I was also provided with extensive and engaging CPD opportunities.
I had excellent training as part of the Graduate Development Program, however since moving into the rest of the company there are very limited training opportunities as managers are reluctant to allow you to use work time for professional development activities.
The graduate development program provides a very comprehensive and robust training program, which allows graduates the maximum opportunity to develop themselves. Once the formal structures of the graduate program cease, ongoing training requires personal perseverance.
Through the graduate program we completed a Leadership and Management Graduate Diploma which was fully paid for and run through a private organisation. This was very helpful and supplied a lot of tools which were directly relevant to our current work. The course also had a strong focus on emotional intelligence which was useful as well.