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Anthony Baggetta

7.00 AM

My days usually start with me getting to the office around 7. I enjoy being in a little early as the office is quiet and it allows me to go through my emails and calendar to roughly plan my day with few distractions.

As a Project Engineer my days can vary a great deal, something I really enjoy. My lookahead for the day could be a quiet one where I am able to get stuck into the project deliverables we are working on. It could be a day full of meetings as engagement and management of both internal and external stakeholders regarding risk, technical work, regulatory compliance, cost, and other topics are key to delivering a successful project.


9.00 AM

As a Project Engineer part of my role is to be the Risk Focal Point for the projects I’m working on. This requires me to have monthly meetings with the Risk owners and to talk through our Risk Bowties. The objective I drive in these sessions is to discuss the causes, preventative controls, impacts and mitigating controls for each risk to determine whether there’s any changes we need to update the bowtie to capture. These updates give us awareness of what causes/impacts have become relevant/irrelevant as well as whether controls have changed in regards to their effectiveness. It’s a great way for me to also develop my knowledge in each delivery team of my projects as well as get an appreciation for their challenges and plans moving forward.

11.00 AM

A great part about being at Woodside as well as in Project Function is that there is always work to be done and opportunities to get involved in. I’ve had the opportunities to deliver within the Projects Inclusions and Diversity team spreading awareness of International Women’s Day and pushing a great photo competition, a submission by my colleagues and me can be seen below.


1.00 PM

Each week I have an alternating fortnightly meeting for the two main decommissioning projects I am the Project Engineer for. These meetings include the team leads in Environment, Drilling & Completions, Subsea Wells Group, Project Services, Logistics, Regulatory Compliance and other key stakeholders to the project.

Our goal is to deliver the project through the next assurance gate review, these team meetings are where the delivery teams share their status and progress giving the project team awareness of where the challenges of the project are, where support is required and what we need to do to align the project to meet our goal.

3.00 PM

Early afternoon is always a great time to get work done. I focus on closing out short-term actions from meetings during the day as well as getting stuck into the larger deliverables such as our Project Execution Plan. This is a key document that the project will be assessed against. It requires input from the entire project team defining how you intend to successfully execute the next phase of your project, including the work that supports this, responsibilities moving forward, and funding required.

5.00 PM

Living close to the city is great as it allows me to get home pretty fast giving me some time to chill out before heading out with some friends to dinner or doing my own thing which is usually cooking and a movie with my roommate.

Both of us being avid foodies and travellers usually ends up with us figuring out where we want to go next which is usually based around some unique dish we want to try like Fugu in Japan, Bologna for the cured meat or, my most recent trip, Vietnam for the Pho and Banh Mi. COVID may have delayed future trips but it doesn’t stop us planning!


8.00 PM

Being so close to the office means I’m able to come back later in the evening to use the gym when it is quieter. After a good workout I’ll usually relax for a few hours before heading to bed and starting this all over again.