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Five organisations that value equal employment opportunity for women

Jaymes Carr

Deciding where to apply for a graduate job can be challenging – if equal employment opportunity for women matters to you, check out these five leading companies.

How do we know that the organisations below value equal opportunity for women? First, we asked our graduate insiders—anonymous but verified sources who have recently entered graduate programs—what life inside the organisations is really like.

Second, we reviewed the citation holders on the Workplace Gender Equality Agency’s 2017–2018 list of ‘Employers of Choice for Gender Equality’. The citation is awarded to companies that meet specific criteria for advancing gender equality, such as preventing sex-based harassment and discrimination, implementing targets to improve gender equality outcomes, and providing flexible working arrangements to support men and women with family or carer responsibilities. The organisations below received a high score from our graduate insiders and have also been accredited by the WGEA.


Accenture’s 2018 report on gender equality—Getting to Equal—is transparent about demographics within the company (for example, 45% of new hires and 32% of newly promoted managing directors are women), bold in its vision (Accenture is on track to achieve a gender-balanced workforce by 2025), and full of insights applicable to all organisations that pursue gender equality. For example, in organizations with a culture of gender equality, women earn up to 51% more and are four times more likely to advance in their careers.

What is Accenture’s position on gender equality?

'Accenture believes that the future workforce is an equal one, and gender diversity is essential for an innovation-led organization. That is why we set two clear goals: to achieve a gender-balanced workforce by 2025, and to increase the diversity of our leadership by growing the percentage of women managing directors to at least 25 percent by 2020.

Today, we have approximately 170,000 women at Accenture — more than 40 percent of our global workforce. In 2017, women comprised 45 percent of new hires, 32 percent of promotions to managing director level and 21 percent of managing directors. Additionally, we publish our workforce demographics — including gender — across key geographies to measure our progress and hold ourselves accountable.'1

What do experienced Accenture employees say?

'Real social progress has always been achieved by women and men working together. You can’t have an inclusive society if you leave either out.'
Michelle Cullen, Managing Director, Accenture

'Throughout my career, empowering others to succeed has motivated me. Their success is mine.'
Khethi Nkuna, Manager, Accenture

'Some may think consulting is not for women, but women are thoughtful and put themselves in clients’ shoes.'
Doreen Deng, Client Service Lead for Resources in Greater China, Accenture Consulting

'What encourages me and gives me energy to keep working for change is the huge upsurge in activity to address gender equality.'2
Eithne Harley, Director of Marketing (Ireland), Accenture

What do our graduate insiders say?

'The company has a strong commitment to diversity and has many internal campaigns to raise awareness for different minorities. There is a strong focus on ensuring that career progression is not impacted by race, gender, sexual orientation etc.'
Graduate, Melbourne

'Very diverse backgrounds, from ethnicity to university to degrees. Accenture has committed to 50/50 gender diversity by 2025.'
Midlevel, Melbourne

'Accenture performs extremely highly regarding women in business and LGBT community - there are always forums on being more welcoming, getting involved, etc.'
Graduate, Sydney

'The company is incredibly diverse and multicultural, and I feel it has more of a 50% split between men and women than any other company I've worked for.'
Graduate, Melbourne

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Clayton Utz

Clayton Utz was awarded a WGEA Employer of Choice for Gender Equality citation in 2017-18, in recognition of its implementation of policies designed to promote equality in remuneration, flexible working, learning and development, harassment and discrimination prevention, and organisational leadership. In 2014, Clayton Utz committed to improving the representation of women at the partnership level, setting a target of 35% female partners by 2025. In 2016, it received the Australian Workplace Equality Index Award for its efforts to promote LGBTI workplace inclusion.

What is Clayton Utz’s position on gender equality?

'Diversity at Clayton Utz includes diversity of thought, background, experience, personal circumstances, education, religion, sexuality, gender, age, cultural background and ability/disability. That diversity helps to generate new ideas, creates more effective teams and relationships, and is a key enabler to attract, develop and retain the very best people.'3

What do experienced Clayton Utz employees say?

'As lawyers, we have an important role to play in promoting diversity, equality, respect and inclusion in society.  That has to start with our own firm. We’re committed to gender equality and gender pa