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Job Satisfaction at Accenture

7.7 rating for Job Satisfaction, based on 57 reviews
Please comment on your role and day-to-day responsibilities.
My tasks vary depending on deadlines and client requests. I work closely with my manager to produce comms for the business.
Not really challenging myself, but trying to move into something better
Sort of work(Tech Consulting) is different to what they advertise in recruitment events(Actual Management Consulting work). Would prefer to do more strategy or management consulting type work as advertised in the recruitment events.
I am currently working as a test coordinator where I work closely with offshore teams to execute tests and deliver results.
At the moment I'm doing a PMO role, which includes general onboarding and off boarding activities.
Currently I am working on a machine learning application and am working on curating the data.
Stakeholder management, communications, developing and executing change management deliverables, training.
Basically all the work i have been assigned was enjoyable and fun to complete.
Project Management Microsoft Office (excel, ppt, outlook) Status meetings with client Responding to proposals
Project management role - keeping track of data, milestones, reporting to senior management, resolving ad hoc issues.
It's hard to comment, as the role is so varied. As I've been here for such a short time, it's hard to say confidently what they will be. Also, because I've been on the bench for so long, I dictate my own day-to-day responsibilities.
I like the work that I do - it is challenging and engaging
It depends day-to-day and the type of project you're involved in. It can vary from process mapping (understanding a company's processes and way of doing things), testing technology development, attending workshops, creating PowerPoints.
Meaningful work but can be tedious at times.
At the moment, my day-to-day is fantastic. It's lots of interviews and working alongside managers to produce outputs for the client. I'm very much involved and I'm learning a lot, even getting the chance to lead interviews.
Pricing deal structures for new contracts. Working in tandem with the CFM and Sales teams.
Desk job. Talk to IT and business and get them to communicate with each other
Technology consulting comprises of many job tasks and skills. Overall, you could describe this job as being the conduit between the business/financial components of an organisation and the technology departments. We advise large and prestigious businesses on how best to implement new technologies, what the future of the workforce looks like and how to react to maintain an adaptive and thriving organisation.
Not given the roles where I can give my best
I am an analyst so my responsibilities vary widely project to project and day to day. So far, most of my work is in Change Management or Data and Analytics.