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Management at Accenture

8 rating for Management, based on 56 reviews
How accessible are managers and do they make good mentors? You may want to address internal communication, performance feedback or praise and recognition.
Yes, they are both accessible and good mentors.
Managers are mostly available. They are always willing to provide help with any problems.
Managers are very approachable and make you feel welcome. They have provided me with honest and well-structured feedback to date.
In most cases they are, but in some rare occasions, some of the managers can be not engaging.
Managers and senior level personnel I have found are very accessible and I would not hesitate to approach them for advice etc. My current managing director regularly organises social outings with the Accenture team when they are in town.
Yes, the managers are very experiences and mentor others really well. they constantly ask for our priorities and career aspirations.
Assigned senior career counselor who schedules regular catch ups
Managers have been very helpful in understanding career progression and assisting with achieving career goals.
Very accessible, and generous with their praise. They really do take the time to assist you.
My manager is approachable and always happy to help with problems.
They are accessible. We have a performance achievement tool and progress is logged against that. Feedback is also ongoing.
Great access to mentors, not so much to partners / MDs
The mentoring culture seems quite strong and managers are easy to talk to, although quite busy at times.
Very accessible. I can message them and they are very approachable
Very accessible, managers interact with you constantly, especially when you go through the grad program. Performance feedback is unique and cutting edge. Very collaborative feedback loop in which you get feedback from multiple sources and self reflection that all rolls up into an end of year review.
Extremely accessible
Fairly accessible upon request
Very accessible. All willing to take time out to meet and chat.
Discussions about expectations and how you perform against them are commonplace and we frequently communicate openly with the management to see how we are going and what more we could/should be doing
I am familiar with managers however have not yet engaged with them on a mentor relationship/ for feedback.