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Sustainability at Accenture

6.8 rating for Sustainability, based on 56 reviews
Please comment on your company's efforts in this area.
We are working with our clients to improve everyone's carbon footprint
I have not heard of any initiatives
Environmental Action Group and action participation in community initiatives. Staff get one paid leave day a year to help with initiatives such as this
Company has some initiatives - not sure how effective.
There is some effort with turning the lights off, not printing etc, but this could certainly be improved
They are always trying to get office spaces that are more environmentally friendly, they sponsor programs to help the planet. They are always buying recycled wood cutlery, rather than plastic. Their air conditioning system is literally run by the water in the harbor like a water cooler.
Toilets flush recycled water which is great!
I only see recycling bins. Haven't heard of any other green initiatives.
Lights turn off automatically, printers print on double sided automatically in black and white.
Our building is 6 star green energy or something
Delivering large projects for oil companies.
Not too sure. there were few initiatives
Encouraging employees to reconsider the need to travel by connecting remotely through skype calls.
Important focus from small things like printing less paper to keeping meetings virtual. Constantly reinforced and well driven from management down.
Promote prevention of printing documents unless necessary