Corporate Social Responsibility at ALDI

What projects/initiatives does your employer run and what have you worked on personally?

We are incredibly responsible in everything we do. For example, our dealings with suppliers, every store offering battery recycling and our partnership with Planet Ark.
Executive, NSW
ALDI has a strong focus on CSR. We are proud of our sustainable sourcing of product, no additives or artificial colours in store, total business recycling and providing assistance to struggling suppliers. ALDI also strongly supports food bank and similar initiatives.
Experienced, VIC
Aldi invests substantially in the CSR space and has a number of partnerships with national and local charity and community groups across a numerous regions. We are also committed to sustainable practices both within our operational environments as well as supplier organisations that we work with to manufacture and source products.
Executive, VIC
ALDI is focused on recycling all cardboard and plastics from warehouse and stores. We donate product to food bank and similar organisations and donate clothing and electronics to charity.
Graduate, VIC
ALDI strong supports charity organisations with both food and clothing donations. All of our work practices are sustainable. We implement all our processes only after considering the environmental factor.
Experienced, SA
The number of ALDI CR projects is large. These include trolleys with coins required to reduce environmental impact, 15c bags to encourage reuse, compactors to recycle cardboard, reusable drink trays, sustainably sourced tuna, coffee and chocolate. ALDI also work with suppliers to ensure that workers in foreign countries are also meeting minimum required. Area Managers are able to personally participate in a number of CSR projects and trials.
Experienced, ACT