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Application Process & Interviews at Australia Post

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Please describe the interview process and assessments.
The process was quite lengthy, with applications followed by online aptitude test, video interview then the assessment centre, finally the last behavioural interview with senior employees.
For the graduate program, the interview process was as follows: 1). Online application 2). Online tests 3). Video interview 4). Assessment day 5). Interview 6). Job offer.
Online application Online psychometric tests Video Interviews Assessment Centre Final interview Call of Offer
Online application> Skill Assessment -> Video Interview -> Assessment Centre -> One-On-One Interview
There were a range of assessments and interviews I believe 5 in total including video interview, psychometric testing, face to face interview and assessment centre
Multiple stages assessing you across a number of variables. No different from other graduate applications I went through
What questions were you asked in your interviews?
General business knowledge, market dynamics as broadly related to AusPost, personal achievements and demonstration of skills/attributes necessary to the role.
Behavioural questions Some general questions about my background, education, aspirations
Why choose us? What can you offer to us?
Questions pertaining to teamwork and leadership qualities.
Behavioural questions, out of the box questions e.g. questions to provoke innovation
Behavioural type questions: What did you do.... Tell me about a time when you..... What do you think of..... Why is.....important to you.....
STAR method questions - research STAR prior to interview
Do you have any specific tips and advice for candidates applying to your company? How would you recommend they best prepare?
Know the market in which Aus Post is currently operating, but mainly be well-read and be able to talk abut yourself in a business context.
Be yourself, and have achievements you are proud of.
Familiarise yourself with the company via their website and annual reports.
Be yourself, companies are looking for 'fit' more than anything else. If you don't get selected, it isn't about your abilities and skills, it is more about whether you are right for the company culture. Practise behavioural questions with your friends and family, and write down examples if you need. Always follow the STAR model.
Accept the changes in business. Change is everything nowadays.
Research the company, understand the challenges it is facing as technology and shifting consumer preferences disrupts our core businesses, and be genuine in the interviews
Be yourself and try to work well in a team and not try to overpower other people.
Practice the psychometric tests online, practice talking to yourself via your webcam and read through some sample behavioural questions.
Be yourself. Be proactive in the interview/assessment process. Don�t wait for things to happen, make them happen! Do your research about the company, its values and vision.
Just be yourself and always remember to answer your question using STAR method