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Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Group

  • 1,000 - 50,000 employees

Application Process & Interviews at Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Group

8.6 rating for Recruitment, based on 12 reviews
Please describe the interview process and assessments.
Very thorough. Big process that was maybe a little too long.
Process was application, online testing and assessments, online interview, assessment centre, additional online testing, final interview. Online assessments and testing were aimed at gauging an understanding of candidates work styles and ethic along with their aptitude. Assessment centres provided an opportunity for candidates to demonstrate their ability in both an individual written piece and a team based oral activity both within a financial services based scenario. Interview was more narrowly focused on individuals background and interests and sharing information with the candidate to determine whether the bank is the right fit.
Graduate programs are a little different and much more thorough than some other job hiring processes: Grad hiring includes: 1. CV/Resume 2. Psychometric test 3. Video interview 4. Assessment center 5. Panel interview 6. Emotional Intelligence test
Our graduate recruiting structure was as follows: Application > Logical reasoning/Numerical Testing > Video Interviews > Emotional Intelligence Testing > Group Assessment Centre > Face to face interviews
The hiring process was long, like other companies however what stood out was the continuous communication and updates throughout the entire recruitment process, which I found lacking in many other companies that I applied for.
Intensive. Cognitive tests, group assessments, interviews.
Interview process was good on all fronts
Thorough and complete. Time frames are posted on the website and adhered to.
Online verbal, numerical, logical and integrity testing. Video Interview. Group Assessment, Formal Interview.
I began as a graduate - the process was rigorous - online interview, face to face interview, psychometric testing, emotional intelligence testing, group simulation/testing
What questions were you asked in your interviews?
About my education, past experiences. Questions about how I think.
Questions were focused on the bank obtaining as much information about you as an individual on a number of levels including life outside of work, prior studies, previous work experience (if applicable), interests on a professional level, the ways in which you would handle yourself in specific situations as well as understanding the way you think with relevant bank related questions at the time of the interview.
Behavioural questions - 'Tell us about a time when...'
What do you know about us? Questions relating to teamwork Why do you want to work for us? What are your strengths & weaknesses? Questions relating to time management
What caused the global financial crisis
A number, including behavioural
Where have you worked in the past. What motivated you to apply? What do you think the future holds for bank branches?
Why here, what skills would you bring to the different rotations, elaborate/explain on specifics in my CV, lots of behavioural questions (Situation, Task, Actions, Results).
Finance knowledge, behavioural type, experiences, aspirations, situational, employer knowledge
Do you have any specific tips and advice for candidates applying to your company? How would you recommend they best prepare?
Show confidence and be a team player.
Research the bank (its values, history, structure, community involvement), have a reasonable awareness of the financial services industry and anything that is topical to banking in recent times or that are present issues. Be innovative and don't answer a question by what you think they want you to say but rather answer truthfully and think outside of the box.
Study for the psychometric test. Know and understand key aspects of the company before you apply.
Research the bank and our story, but take time to research the Australian Banking market and give consideration to the future of banking - what do you think this looks like? What is your research telling you about the future of banking in Australia and around the world?
Read up as much as you can about the company and demonstrate their values in your answers through your values, skills and experiences.
Have answers prepared for all the common skills/abilities that could be the subject of a behavioural questions. Read the annual review. Have a good understanding about what makes the company you are applying for unique.
Know your potential employer well - they will appreciate if you can naturally use their business services/products in your interview responses