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Ixom Australia

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Application Process & Interviews at Ixom Australia

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Please describe the interview process and assessments.
Online assessment, interview, medical
Assessment, Video Interview, Face-to-Face interview. medical
Resume and Cover Letter followed by an online questionnaire w. Afterwards we had a video interview, before a final face to face interview and medical assessment.
This has possibly changed since I did it, but I found the process straightforward. Fairly standard with the rest of the industry. Online assessments, video interview and in-person interview in the city that I would be working in.
I found the interview process to be very extensive and drawn out, I think the weeks between the assessments and interviews were too long
I performed an online assessment, a video interview and 2 face to face interviews.
What questions were you asked in your interviews?
How you overcame a difficult situation?
Behavioral, Situational and Opinions
The video interview was quite standard, centred around my background and ambitions, plus some behavioural type questions. There was one question which asked me what innovations could improve the industry in the coming years. The face to face interview was behavioural focused with a few background questions about the chemical plant and its products.
Biggest challenges
I was asked to provide instances where I had encountered common workplace problems and how I managed to overcome them. as well as to provide business ideas to the company and how I could help implement those ideas
Questions around my extracurricular activities and what strategies I would use to perform at an acceptable level.
Do you have any specific tips and advice for candidates applying to your company? How would you recommend they best prepare?
Keep preserving
Practice your interview questions and research the company
Show your passion and willingness to learn Having the right attitude makes a difference
Come prepared for lots of behavioural questions, and do some background reading on the company and its products and chemical plants!
Just be honest in your responses and try to show yourself as a person and not just someone who can answer the questions in the most correct way. In my interview I told a story about how I'd restored an electric guitar and built a spring-powered paintball gun at home, which I honestly think helped me get the job. If you're passionate about what you're applying for then try to make it show.
Research the company in advance
I think preparation was key for some of the assessments, I did a number of practice assessments times before attempting the real assessment. But others it was more important to be relaxed and go through it slowly
Have a good understanding of how significant activities and events in your life have shaped you and what you have learnt from them. Try to be as specific as possible.