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Application Process & Interviews at TechnologyOne

8.4 rating for Recruitment, based on 12 reviews
Please describe the interview process and assessments.
My interview was very informal, simply a discussion with the people I might work with to see if I would be a good fit for the team.
For developers: 1. phone interview 2. coding challenge 3. 2 day group interview 4. Individual interview
Application -> Phone Interview -> Take home assignment (coding problem for devs) -> On site networking night followed by on site interview the next day -> Offer
First is a programming task, then an aptitude test, then an interview
1. Apply electronically 2. Code test (for developers) 3. Info day 4. individual interview
The interview process was quick. People who interviewed me are now my leaders and mentors.
Over the phone interview and face to face interview.
Interview was a sit down interview with 2 senior members (Enterprise Architects) who asked me questions about my interests and my skills from my uni degree. No formal "hard" questions were asked (didn't have to solve a code puzzle on the board in the room or anything like that). They did ask specific questions about subject fields I indicated I had knowledge in, presumably to test how deep that knowledge was (for me it was database systems). Before being interviewed I was given a coding test where I was given a loose spec of a product to code and was given a loose deadline of 2-3 days to make it, along with a justification on why I made the choices I did etc. The test was very open ended and was enjoyable to make (it was a bit of a logical challenge)
Technical that we were given 3 days to perform (Which I did on the 3rd night), open day, interview. It took a while for them to sort through everything but there is apparently >1000 applications for the intake so I can forgive that.
There was a small assessment piece prior to being invited for an interview. Once accepted the interview process was fairly relaxed and quite an open discussion with a few people from the organisation.
The initial test to complete at home was great to showcase my skills. Thereafter there was an information day at the office which got me really excited to work at TechnologyOne, by giving me insight into the environment, culture and products. The final interview was shortly thereafter.
I was recruited through the referral program (I never applied for the job). A uni friend took my resume to HR, I then received a call telling me about the position. I was interested, so they moved me onto the interview stage, which was all over the phone as I was heading overseas and couldn't make it into the office for a face-to-face interview.
First is a test that assesses the coding competency of the interviewee. Second is a personality test. Third is an interview if the first is passed and the second fits with the company's environment.
What questions were you asked in your interviews?
About my knowledge and skills. Also about my attitude and resilience to specific situations.
They wanted to know about me. What made me tick? why did I choose to pursue a career in technology? What did I like about coding? what didn't I like? How did I feel I could bring value to the company?
Focus on teamwork, interests and coping with setbacks. Light on the technical side, the company has the stance that if you can get past the technical assignment, you've passed that barrier.
Because the interview is the last step, the intention is to determine if you will fit in the company culture. Its a chance for them to get to know you, and vice versa.
All about my education, prior experience and future aspirations and goals
Favourite projects inside/outside of university Past software projects that I've worked on Sports/hobbies I'm interested in
What my aspirations were, why I wanted to work for the company, what my experience is, how my knowledge of visual studio was, what I did at uni, how I feel I would fit in the company. Fairly basic interview questions.
Nothing out of the ordinary; examples of challenges i've faced and overcome, what would be my strengths and weaknesses and what about software interests me
Questions about my studies and previous work experience, as well as my aspirations and why I chose to work in IT. The interview was centered around trying to determine if Technology One was a good fit for me.
What did I study at uni? If I could go back, would I study the same thing or something different? Do I enjoy playing with gadgets? Why do I think TechnologyOne is a good fit for me?
What is it like working here? What is the thing you like best about the company?
Do you have any specific tips and advice for candidates applying to your company? How would you recommend they best prepare?
Make sure you show interest in what you are applying for. If someone talks to you about the possibility of doing particular work, if you want to do it, make sure you show enthusiasm for that work. Otherwise the interviewer might get the impression that you are not interested. There are a lot of different roles here that you might qualify for, and questions will be asked to gauge which one would suit you the best.
Be honest. They want the real you. They want smart, productive people but they also want people who are real. They want you to be able to work well in a team as well as work autonomously. Come prepared with examples of how you have faced adversity and challenges in life, how you have managed and overcome this, because they want to see how you are able to manage difficult situations. Make sure to smile
Know how to network - half of the people I interviewed with were people I had met at the networking night.
Show your passion in the interview :)
Be yourself, as culture is a huge part of the company, faking your personality would be a big negative.
Show that you are passionate about being a developer (or any job you apply for) and that you can demonstrate leadership skills.
Learn about the company, what industries the work in, what SaaS is and why you would want to work for TechnologyOne over a bespoke software solution company.
C# experience would be a huge help. Engaging with university group projects is essential - programming at TechnologyOne is all about working in a team setting and a surprising amount of socialisation occurs throughout a given day.
Getting a referral would help. The best way is to become an intern first, as they are often successful graduate applicants. Otherwise, be good at what you do, be confident you can do it, and sell yourself well
I believe the company is looking for people with talent but also people who will be a good fit with the culture, so just be yourself
Show the interviewers what you're passionate about, and ask questions about everything you want to know. The interview is a two way process, you are being assessed but you also need to determine if you would be happy working at the company.
Research the company. If something on the website impresses you or catches your attention, make sure to bring it up (for me it was their gender equality initiatives). Be yourself, let your personality shine through.
Be genuine people will be able to see through lies or false bravado. Remember that the person interviewing you was once in your position. Bring: - Academic histories - Bank Information - Resumes - Printed code samples (with links to your repository) You may not need these but it is good to be prepared. Dress up, wear a suit if you believe it may reflect better on you.