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Working Hours at TransGrid

8.9 rating for Working Hours, based on 8 reviews
How flexible is your company when it comes to hours?
TG is extremely flexible. Most managers do not micro manage and will let you choose your hours for as long as the work is being done.
Graduate, Sydney
We are contracted to work 35 hours a week and work a 9 day fortnight. This is extremely attractive as it supports the transition into full-time work but also allows time to reset and come into work refreshed. I find that it also increases productivity and I come into work more motivated to get things done.
Graduate, Sydney
Choose your own time to come in, work your standard hours, then leave
Graduate, Sydney
The work hours are usually 7.47hrs a week and can extend depending on workload however the company is extremely flexible and lets you manage your time best.
Graduate, Sydney
Flexible and accommodating
Graduate, Sydney
8am-4:17pm. We do have a roster day off every fortnight (Monday). My company is very flexible, we can start from 6-9am or any time we'd like to as long as we work for 7 hrs 47 mins a day
Graduate, Sydney