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Department of the Treasury

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Application Process & Interviews at Department of the Treasury

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Please describe the interview process and assessments.
Initial application (cv, cover letter). Then a panel interview with two Treasury officials, where you talked about 2 areas of interest that you were to prepare previously.
There is written application and panel interview. The process is not overly difficult, but it is very competitive.
Only one interview which was fairly relaxed and went for about an hour.
We were required to complete a short application and attend an interview. During the interview, candidates were asked to take about a particular policy.
A straightforward and effective recruitment process consisting of a written application and a face-to-face interview.
It was a written application and then a final interview.
One page document required followed by a panel interview.
I was interviewed once in July and was then offered the position in October.
It was a more relaxing environment than I was used to in similar processes. This allowed me to put my nerves aside and display my true ability.
Selection criteria, interview.
One extended response and one long interview with senior staff.
What questions were you asked in your interviews?
Standard questions e.g. what was your educational background, why are you interested in Treasury, then more casual, unstructured questions after you told them about your topics of interest. No trick/hard questions about economics or government.
Standard behavioural questions, and short presentation on two policy issues.
I was asked to discuss two policy issues in detail, and respond to questions on problem solving, ethics and approach to work.
How I would handle certain work circumstances? I.e. urgent call comes in and manager is away. How would you brief a government minister on various policy topics?
Candidates were asked general questions about their education and experience, as well as specific questions about their chosen policy issue.
The normal behavioural questions but there was a bit of a technical component which we were asked to prepare for.
Asked to research two policy issues to present and talk to.
Behavioural questions such as - if you found yourself in this position how would you respond.
Do you have any specific tips and advice for candidates applying to your company? How would you recommend they best prepare?
Pick policy issues where you are likely to know more than the interviewer (i.e. nothing particularly topical or high profile). Spend the time knowing these issues well and be prepared to justify your responses.
Try to show your personality in the written application, not just where you've studied and worked. If you have an interview choose topics that are outside the box and forward looking.
Prepare two policy issues that are of interest to you. Be prepared to have your ideas challenged and to defend them.
When preparing for the policy discussion, candidates should consider any different policy options, rather than presenting a one-side or dogmatic view.
Have a good understanding of what Treasury does, know why you want to work here and what you can bring, be honest.
Definitely research the organisation. You should also be up to speed on recent events and definitely be passionate about policy issues.
Have a view on the policy issues and be able to support your stance.
Behavioural questions are all the rage right now in HR so preparation is key. My advice is to map out your most impressive attributes and work experience and find ways to incorporate them into your interview. This takes practice but the key is to take your time and not rush into responding using the same examples.