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Please comment on your role and day-to-day responsibilities.
Create marketing collateral, assist with bid responses, etc.
Helping the customers in their digital transformation technically.
As an Associate Consultant, I have given opportunities to learn and grow my skills by working across different projects and business functions within consulting, these include IT advisory consulting, testing and app development.
Monitoring and fixing issues related to SAP and B2B integration
Lots and lots of meeting with internal business units and external alliance partners
I am currently working in a team bidding for new business. This involves a tasks such as writing responses, creating cost models and helping design solutions for clients.
Like I mention, it's slow process but opportunities are promising.
A dynamic role, always learning something new every day, new challenges keep coming your way.
The day to day responsibilities keep changing as an Associate Consultant depending what project you are working on. And that's what keeps this job so rewarding and interesting! My current role involves helping set up a new division, while my last project was based on project management work - so very different and it allows me to gain experiences and skills in various areas.
Responsible for creation and maintenance of the Issue Register. Assisted with Business Process Mapping and Capability Assessment. Created Future ERP Comparison and assisted with recommendation for the client. Provided research findings on future trends in the marketplace
Project Management, operational duties, scheduling
I'm never bored! Events, branding, merchandise, collateral, social media, advertising campaigns, budget etc.